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Is My Testosterone Level Ok?

Discussion in 'Injuries, Health & Personal Care' started by bflare, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Hello. Not sure if this is the right place to post? I'm a 38 year old male & I have been training for 6 months & finding it difficult to build a lot of muscle. I am eating in a calorie surplus of around 500 per day & a lot of the extra calories appear to be going towards fat rather than muscle. I am 5'8" tall & consuming 2800 per day with a desk job & doing a 3 day full body routine. I am currently 157lb but around the back end of 2016 I weighed 118lb & was very skinny & felt terrible. Someone suggested that I should have a Testosterone test & I have got the results back which the doctor said was normal. The figure given to me was 15.6 nmol/L. It says the normal range is 8.0 to 30.0. What do you guys think? My Labido does feel lower than it used to be & sometimes its difficult to maintain an erection but this tends to be when its really late & I am tired etc. Not sure if this is just age related?

    I posted this question on another forum & it was suggested that yes it is too low. I got the following replies:

    "Your test levels are "OK"... they're just about high and dry from the point of view of your level being a risk factor for testosterone deficiency, but only just... by less than 1nmol really.
    It would be worth checking gonadotropins and SHBG

    If your LH is high then you could still have a compensated form of hypogonadism even with a level TT 15.6nmol/ltr."


    "That is on the low end. Technically it's considered "normal" but it's the typical testosterone level seen in much older people. Unless you are in your 50s or above I would consider it low test levels."


    "get a new doctor (they always say its normal unless its WAY off)
    make sure you have health diet to facilitate natural test levels
    try taking 25mg clomid (orally)- it will raise test to above normal while using it
    or testosterone injections 100-200mg per week"

    I have no idea what the above mean?

    Also is it worth getting any more tests such as Thyroid?

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    if your gaining fat your eating too much........ simple.
    muscle takes time to build.
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    I m too at 5"9' and 170 lb with 37 year and my test levels are same but it is not that difficult to gain muscle on that parameters, If you go on the "testosterone injection" way you will be caught for Lifetime in injecting it. REMEMBER INJECTING IS GREAT RISK AT THIS AGE WITHOUT PROPER DOCTORS.
    Safe and simple way is research on diet, exercise and healthy routine like leg exercises raise test levels and certain foods (need research)

    If someone says - 'doctors always say it's normal' then keep in mind that 30nmol/ltr is levels of 16 yr old boy and unrealistic expectation for old dogs like us
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    Yes, and crossing the road without a grownup is hazardous...if you don’t look before you cross and just walk out into traffic. Lol.

    In this chaps case, I’d advise lots of reading and research on diet and training first. Then a year or two of learning his own body type and adjusting the training/nutrition to suit his circumstances. But once that is dialled in and he’s got a bit of information and experience under his belt....why suffer with ‘Low T’? It’s easy enough to get bloods done, take professional advice and make an informed decision. It’s no more dangerous than any other decision we face in life.
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