Josh's Liver Hotpot

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    500g Calf or Cow Liver
    500g myprotein beef strips
    200g Bacon ( rind and intramuscular adipose deposits chopped off as its yuck )
    c1/2 cup of flour
    200g carrots
    6-8 small onions
    Handful of mushrooms
    2 tins chopped tomatoes
    2 tablespoons fresh sage
    1 teaspoon dried oregano
    beef stock cube

    Non stick frying pan
    Slow cooker
    sharp knife
    Measuring scales
    Measuring jug
    Electric chopper / food processor / shredder ( optional )

    0 Assemble all equipment and ingredients
    1 Slice (c 5mm slices ) 400g of liver and coat pieces in flour
    2 Top, tail and skin the carrots. Chop mushrooms. Chop the bacon into small (c 1cm2 ) pieces.
    3 Place the skinned onions, in the shredder, shred then add to the pan (dont bother rinsing the shredder afterwards)
    4 Place Sage, and skinned carrots in the shredder & shred ( dont bother rinsing shredder ). Place in slow cooker.
    5 Place 100g of liver into the shredder and puree, adding a little tomato juice from the tin to soften mix if necessary. Add this to slow cooker.
    6 Place the tomatoes, mushrooms, oregano, crumbled stock cube to the product of step 4 and 5 in the slow cooker and turn onto a low-medium setting
    7 Dry fry the beef pieces and onions in the pan. When some fats start to come off the beef, add in the liver and bacon slices. Cook mix until all is brown, and the meats are sealed.
    8 Add the product of step 5 to the slow cooker, place the lid on and leave for a few hours on low heat for flavours to infuse. Check every hour or so and add a little additional water to alter consistency to your taste.
    9 Wash & dry equipment so that your kitchen is so clean and tidy it looks as if you were never there.
    10. Enjoy.

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    Beef or chicken livers??
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    Oops. I use calf liver myself. I will edit the post.
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    Looks great, mate. Now for the bolognese & chilli recipes, please!?

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