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    Training today was a push session

    warmed up with some lateral and cable x over.

    low incline bb press
    warmup sets x 4
    ws 1 !65 kg x 10
    ws 2 75 kg x 6
    ws 3 65 x 8

    incline db
    ws 1 32.5 x 8
    ws 2 32.5 x7

    pec dec

    65kg rp set x 10, 5 ,2


    bw 3 sets of 10

    lateral raises

    10kg rp set x 10,5,2
    drop set 7.5kg to failure
    drop 5kg ro failure

    (all sets were super stict and and good tempo)

    shrugs x 4 set range from 10 -20 reps 3 sec squeeze on cotraction

    tri cable puahdown x 3 sets 20 reps to warm up

    floor cgbp rp set x 9,4,2

    cable pushdowns
    5 plate x12
    drop x fail
    drop x fail

    seated overhead tri machine

    3 sets of 10

    decent session , always stuggle with contracting and feeling chest on pressing movements ! so any tips or advice would be great

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    Diet today
    M1 - 40g whey 10g cocnut oil
    M2 - 5 whole eggs
    M3 - 130g cooked chicken with salad
    M4- tin of tuna
    pre workout - 25g isolate 10g cocnut oil
    intra - bcaa 15g , glutamine 10g , creatine 5g
    pwo - half pack micro white rice with 40g isolate
    M6- 150g frying steak , half a pack of micro rice
    1 hour pre bed - 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites

    total cals today are

    fat -66
    carbs - 95g ( all pwo)

    according to my fit bit ive burnt 2800 cals so far today , so in a 800 cal deflict.

    will be strating my peds monday 250mg test e every 5 days !

    needles arrive today from medisave so all ready to go !

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    Well not updated here in a while had alot going on with work etc !

    5 weeks in to a test cycle @ 500mg per a week , strength and weight is going up.

    Had a shit weekend regarding food ! but back on the diet today , weight at the moment is 14st , 8 lbs ( Holding a shit ton of water from the shit i ate the past couple of days)

    Cardio will be at 30 mins now everyday preferably fasted in the morning if not will be post workout.

    Had a caloriemetry test done 2 weeks ago , basically measures Resting BMR which came out at 2300 cals , so basically my body burns this amount of calories everyday if i didn't do anything.

    Diet at the moment will be around the 2000 cal mark ( rest days dropping to 1700) < 100g carbs a day , only carbs been consumed postworkout , maybe a small about intra on leg day.

    Todays Diet is as follows

    Meal 1 - 300g Egg Whites , 20g Isolate , 10g Conut Oil
    Meal 2 - 100g Whole Eggs , 150g Egg white
    Meal3 - 200 g Cooked Turkey Breast , Salad
    Meal 4 - 100g tinned salmon
    Pre Workout - 30g iso , 10g coconut oil
    Intra 15g BCAAA
    Post 50g isolate
    PWM - 150g (Slow cooked Brasing steak , 150g cooked potato)
    Last Meal - 150g SKYR Yourgurt + 40 g frozen mixed berrys.