Lagging Muscles

Discussion in 'General Bodybuilding' started by Paolo Cobelli, Dec 28, 2021.

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    I'm interested on people's opinions on training a lagging muscle group more then once a week.
    Natural Vs enhanced!
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    General consensus is hit muscles twice a week anyway. What do you think is lagging? Some muscles can be trained at a higher frequency ie most smaller ones.
  3. What are you stats?
    What's the goal?
    What's your somatotype?

    I'm at the stage where I just wanna maintain what I've got so once a week and very intense sessions work best for me and I only need to train 4 days. Twice a week is rumoured to be better for growth and strength if you don't mind all the additional days in the gym.

    If I was in your shoes I would start by trying to increase intensity first on a once a week routine with stuff like forced reps, partials, static holds, higher reps, more sets, different movements, and all those other stimulation tricks.
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    See, I disagree with this and prefer a higher frequency approach
    But we've discussed this before and no need to go over old ground
    and other variables come into play like how the individual recovers, how many days/time in the gym, what body parts you need to bring up etc
    You wouldn't have to spend extra days in the gym, just design a split suit you
    There is no right or wrong and you can easily adapt a 4 day split
    Eg, if you wanted to bring up your arms
    Mon - pull
    Tues - push
    Wed off
    Thurs - legs
    Fri - Arms
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    All your muscles are lagging though pal
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  6. Neither of us are right or wrong buddy.....I'm just throwing ideas and options to the OP for things he might wanna try before he turns into a total gymrat.

    Lots of variables to consider as you say...:thumb:
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    Brilliant :rofl:
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    Especially the one between his ears.
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    you need to aim for a level of volume for your muscle groups, an amount of work done over the week. That can be done however you choose. 2 sessions of lower volume, 1 session of higher etc, it seems to be not the frequency that matters but the work you do as a whole over a given time ( we all relate to a week )
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    Yeah this is good.
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  11. Richie_Rich

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    Do you think this would be better than ppl repeated over 4 days?

    or is that just if you want to bring arms up
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  12. Paolo Cobelli

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    Thanks for the views fellas. I think ultimately its what ever works for you. I find that by doing a little on a lagging muscle on every gym day or every other gym day it helps.
    For example: If chest was lagging I would do a few push ups on every upper body day I do in the gym. Or biceps, I would do as few curls on every upper body day.

    Just wanted to get other peoples views.
  13. pooley1810

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    That was really just an example for bringing up arms
    For me, im good to train a muscle group again after 4 days, maybe 5 for legs
    Which is why I favour frequency over volume as training a bodypart once a week does nothing for me
    A PPL, 3 on 1 off is perfect for me
    But you can adapt any 3 or 4 day split to hit a 2nd day for a particular muscle group
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