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Last 4 Weeks Of Cutting, What To Add In ?

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by atto40, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. atto40

    atto40 Full Member

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    Hello All
    Ive been cutting down for last 10-12 weeks (100% natural) and all is going well. Dropped around 15lbs etc with carb cycling. Just finished 3 weeks on animal cuts.

    Going to continue for another 4 weeks or so before starting my winter lean gains etc (will do a mod gear cycle of around 16 weeks). But before that i wanna add in some anabolics , I was thinking anavar or winstrol tabs just to finish off?

    1 - i can get anavar in 10mg and 50mg, is it best to split the dose using the 10s throughout the day or just one tab of 50?. was thinking of a dose around 50-60 per day for 4 weeks?

    2 - once i come off this i wanna go into a lean bulk with gear, but dotnt wanna come off for pct for X time then start a new cycle. Whats the best option to add "something" to finish off the cut, then go into a bulk with gear without waiting for pct etc?

    essentially i wanna harden up as much as poss next 4 weeks, then move into the bulk phase, but dont wanna waste time in between the 2 cycles .

    btw - training over 15 years, 36 years old, done 1 prev cycle about 18months ago
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  2. pooley1810

    pooley1810 Moderator

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    Good work on the weight loss
    What was your starting point? As a 15lb loss is good but there’s a difference if you started in reasonable condition or completely out of shape
    Any idea of bodyfat? Pics would be good to get the best advice
    I can see what you’re trying to achieve but I think it’s pretty pointless tbh as you wanna go straight into a bulk
    It’s difficult to give any advice without knowing or seeing your current condition
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  3. atto40

    atto40 Full Member

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    Starting weight was 195 in reasonable shape, prob 18-20% BF
    I'm now down to 180lbs, not sure if I should go down further with gear since I wanna come back up on a cycle with a low BF and water etc.

    I do get what you mean, it's just how far do you go down in order to come back up since you will put some fat and water back on . Conundrums of life !
  4. noel

    noel Top Contributor

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    Any pics

    FATBOY Age is just a number Competitor

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    get down as far as you can then reverse diet
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