Leo's Off-season Log

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    Rotation B2

    Seated Ham curl 50kg-20 rest pause reps
    Rack pull - 180kg-6 140kg-11
    Hyperextension- bodyweight-11 bodyweight-9
    v squat 3pps-7 2pps-9
    Leg extension 50kg-12 35kg-14
    goblet squat superset with rope pull through - 2 rounds
    Seated Calf DC style - 2.5 plates - 6 2 plates-8
    leg press calf raise 3pps - muscle round
    elbow braced db curls - 12.5kg-18 rest pause
    Db Hammers - 15kg muscle round

    Rotation A3

    Rack Chins 25kg-9 bodyweight-11
    Chest supported t bar- 3.5 plates - 6 3 plates - 8
    BB row - 2pps- muscle round
    Seated BB shoulder press - 2pps-2 1pps-13
    Dips - bw+20kg-10 bw+10kg - 11
    Flat hammer press - 3pps-7 2pps-11
    Decline smith - 2pps-7 1pps-12
    cable xo - 15kg - muscle round
    Smith Wide grip upright row - 5kg-10 bar-11
    Bent over laterals - 12.5-8 7.5-13
    Rope pushdowns - 35kg - muscle round
    Db shrugs - 40kg-12
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    How long does it take you to get through all that lot?
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    About an hour and a half......looks a lot on paper but you get through it quick with the majority being rest pause sets or muscle rounds.
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    Weight was 209 yesterday morning. That's 12 pounds up in 5 weeks since the universe

    Happy with that and condition isn't too bad either!

    Appetite is still crazy, all I'm thinking about is food still even with calories at 4200. Will keep food the same this week though as that's a 2 pound gain on last week so no need to increase.

    Training is good, strength increasing, starting to feel a little tired/run down though. Haven't really had a break from training since July last year and with the 30 week comp prep I've just done I may have a few days off over Xmas to deload and then probably start a blast and really push up after new year

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