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Lower Blood Pressure

Discussion in 'Injuries, Health & Personal Care' started by spearman, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. mal

    mal Top Contributor

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    Ramipril is prob the best imo.
  2. LittleChris

    LittleChris Competitor

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    If it's your BP I would be seeking medical advice. Not something to take lightly.
  3. Reacher

    Reacher Top Contributor

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    not read all thread, but I've managed to bring my blood pressure down over last 2 or 3 months.
    not done anything remarkable just what we know to try and do.
    diet, I'm not dieting ive just cut down generally and making better choices. Not able to go to gym had found me eating rubbish just because the protein, macros calories etc didn't seem to matter while I couldn't work out so I've sorted that shit out.
    walking, I'm walking miles everyday and not missed a day for 8 weeks, thats helping bring my weight down, and is making differences to my general well being...'stress levels' , sleep, etc even my digestion is improved.
    Alcohol, ive knocked it on the head and not had a drink in weeks, it was getting out of hand tbh. Embarrassing really.

    not sure if that's any help mate, but I've just addressed obvs stuff, diet well being, sleep, cardio and fresh air type exercise, and alcohol and the improvement to bp ( and everything else ) is huge already.
    just see of there's anything obvs and easy you can change.

    Con used to advise, hibiscus and I think hawthorn Berry extract and thats easy to add in, so be a good addition also I think.
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