Mental Imagery Techniques: Can They Make You Bigger And Stronger?

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    So what differentiates an iron sport veteran from the relative newbie? Well, the vet is likely bigger and stronger, but more beat up and wiser (maybe), and (obviously) has been picking up “heavy-ass weight” again and again and again, for a very long time. The vet has been there and done that, setting innumerable PR’s over the years, and probably had some pretty crappy workouts as well. At some point or another, he’s likely puked, pissed and s$&t himself. He might have even bled from numerous orifices while training. He can also probably close his eyes right now (yes, try this at home) and visualize with extraordinary detail most any lift: The feel of the bar’s knurling, a mind-bending, unforgiving load on his back, the optimal stance, grip, posture and dozens of other aspects of his set up, not to mention what he hears and smells. The vet can very likely even imagine himself, in the third person, doing all of these pre-lift visualization strategies...."

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