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Discussion in 'Other PED's and POM's' started by Scudd33, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Scudd33

    Scudd33 Top Contributor

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    What is the correct way to use metformin for weight loss?
    Was pretty shocked to see this being used for that I don’t get how though.
    Anyone care to explain?
  2. noel

    noel Moderator

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    Once a day with large carb meal. it will just help with the way your body processes the food not direct weight loss via any metabolic increase. Can give some the shits or stomach aches too. Start 250mg then 500mg if ok. Prefer the normal version to the extended release. Very very useful if you use slin (use on off days) otherwise as above. I prefer it to using Berber in or ala as little chance of making me hype plus it’s super cheap Some research says it can negatively effect:IGF-1. If your using aas not a big worry IMO
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