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    Hi guys, I need your help.

    I am a 17 year old boy, weight 72 kg, I have a physical structure MAGRA AND LONGILINEA (ECTOMORFO), I go to the gym 5 days out of seven I'm having good results, I take a supplement because I can not get the daily protein requirement.

    My instructor told me rightly that in the diet I have to take 145g of protein a day divided into 30g at each meal is also advised me to go to a dietician to get me to prescribe a diet suitable for me so I can have even more satisfactory results .

    Unfortunately I have economic problems so I can not go to a dietician.

    Out of curiosity I found a site on the internet that gives you the opportunity, by entering your data, to make a diet suitable for you. The site tells me that on February 28th 2019, through his diet I will arrive to weigh 80 kg (lean mass). After entering the whole site I prescribe a diet suitable for me:



    Whole milk

    *** whole milk 200 ml

    Wholemeal rusks

    *** integral biscuits n ° 4


    *** jam 35 g

    Coffee or tea

    *** coffee or tea n ° 1

    *** 1 teaspoon sugar

    Morning Snack



    *** apple 200 g



    Mozzarella and tomato sandwich

    *** bread 160 g

    *** tomato 110 g

    *** mozzarella 150 g

    *** 1.5-spoon extra-virgin olive oil

    Afternoon snack



    *** pear 200 g



    Beans and onion

    *** beans (soaked, deep-frozen or fresh) 120 g

    *** onion q.b.

    *** extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon


    *** mushrooms 250 g

    *** extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoon

    *** garlic q.b.

    *** parsley q.b.


    *** bread 90 g

    Evening snack



    orange 200 g

    Now a doubt arises, my instructor told me that I should take 145 g of protein a day because otherwise I will not be able to put lean mass but in this diet that I was developed from the site I see few traces of food containing proteins .. .

    I do not either understand much about feeding for this I ask for help from you ...

    Do you think this diet has the verse to work?

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    Reads like a vegan fat gain diet

    From recent podcasts (Iraki NutritionPodcast)

    You need


    Bodyweight in kilograms x30-40


    Bodyweight in kilograms x2-3


    Bodyweight in kilograms x1


    Whatever is left to make up the calories

    If you’re new to training, young, light and tall, you likely won’t need that level of detail in a diet to put on mass.

    Hit the big lifts, squat bench deadlift over head press.

    Eat and sleep
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    diet looks poor tbh.
    protein is not even close to adequate.

    take your bodyweight in kilos
    x by 24 that will give you a cal amount.

    at your body weight id say aim for 150g of protein a day.

    split your cals and protein by a daily amount of meals that suits you ( 4 or 5 or 6.. )

    the remainder of cals per meal split between carbs or fats, whatever works for you.
    prob keep carbs higher pre and post work out .
    You don't have to be bang on to these quantities to every meal just try and fit these amounts over the day

    Give it a couple of weeks see how you are with that and alter accordingly to what you're seeing in the mirror etc..
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    ^^ agreed because this diet looks like a vegans guide to crossfit
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    tell your instructor you cant divide 145g into 30g per meal
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