Muscle Xcess Gold Seal 100% Whey: Ice Cream Cone

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    Gold Seal 100% Whey: Ice Cream Cone

    - Really nice taste to it. Very easy to drink and a flavour I'd order again. Feels like a bit of a treat and I did wonder if by the end of the tub I'd be fed up with it because it's not as bland as some flavours but I pleasantly surprised and still enjoyed the flavour after a couple of kilos.
    - Mixed easily with no bits in a standard shaker.
    - Thin - Personally I prefer thinner shakes that don't require too much water as I don't have a very big appetite, so this was ideal.
    - Can't really comment on the quality after one tub but managed to gain some muscle while using it without a great deal of meat in my diet, so have no reason to believe it contains anything other than what's on the label.
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