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    My Protein have clearly looked into the pre workout market and brought out something to compete with the pre workouts out at the moment. First of all they changed to a tub, it doesn't sound much of a change but being the original pouch kings its clearly something they thought was needed. Anyway onto Mypre

    Ive tried both the flavours I was sent Watermelon and Blue Raspberry.
    As others have said this stuff is almost fluorescent. Both were very bright and very stong tasting. Neither tasted better than the other both not that great to be honest.

    It has a decent line up of ingredients (ill link them at the end) and in surprisingly good amounts.
    3g of beta alanine, 1g of Agmatine, B vits , 4g of creatine and 4g of BCAAs. 400mg of caffeine in a prop blend with guarana extract.

    I took this 30 mins before my workout and I did feel it kick in after about 30 mins . This is pretty strong and with give nearly anyone a good boost / kick to their workout.

    I liked it a lot its not cheap at £24.99 for 500g but many are around that price and knowing My Protein im sure it will be on offer at certain points.

    I thought it was a good pre workout but be prepared for the taste, its a bit fierce :)
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    Been meaning to add my thoughts to this product as I was sent a couple of sachets as a freebie to try and review.
    Usually rely on strong coffee to prior to gym so pre work out is something of a new experience for me.
    I'd been unwell and put off trying the samples until I was back 100% so I could give them a fair trial.

    Firstly the look was fairly day glow and amused me and my missus lol...
    Taste, wow... It was a water Mellon flavour but strong and very artificial, not pleasant if I'm perfectly honest, but not unbearable and the second time I tried it as I knew what to expect it wasn't too bad at all... But I don't think.I'd ever look forward to a serving on taste alone.
    Within 20 mins I was talking to the missus prior to training and noticed I was getting a bit of 'wobble gob' rattling on at her lol, then back of neck and strangely ears started tingling like a sharp pins n needles, quite pleasant :-)
    On to training...
    The sensation of being a bit hyped was if anything a bit off putting for me probably as I'm not used to it but rather than becoming more focused it worked a little way the opposite as I couldn't engage myself in my session as I normally can.
    Don't think there was anything to be had in terms of any extra drive or strength etc throughout my session but I didn't flag towards the end so much and was feeling able to continue on more than I normally would so in that respect a positive. Can't say I felt anything more of a muscle pump either, but low carb I don't seem to get strong pumps during training anyway, so would be interesting to used on higher carbs.

    Checking back though it appears I took a double dose and should of split the

    That being the case how people talk about preworkouts I should of been climbing the walls...which I was far from lol.
    Maybe as I drink far far to much coffee and my caffeine tolerance is high in didn't get the benefits that others do from a preworkout.

    All in all, taste was ok but not great, but at double dosage prob as expected...
    Bit of a pleasant buzz and an increase in stamina over the length of my gym time so a good result. However if that was at double strength dosage I think I'd be disappointed at the intended dosage.
    Would I buy, probably not to be honest but I have a high caffeine tolerance and I'm sure others would get far more from this product than me personally. Id see it as a luxury item over other basic sups and wouldn't put it as a must have item, spare cash then yeah add it in.
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    Thanks for the review of MyProtein MyPre @Reacher.
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    I really rated this as a pre workout. I've tried many before and think this is up there for doing what it's supposed to. I used the whole sample, so a fair dose of caffeine and didn't feel any of the usual caffeine sides. Thought the flavours were decent, felt a good buzz throughout my workout that wasn't overpowering and no crash. All in all, one of my faves I've used
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