Need some help with structure

Hi hope everyone’s living the dream.

current stats 7/10/23

Weight; 80.7kg
Height; 171cm

(All the stats I have right now, will try update when I can)

My goals are to turn the nothing into clean gains, pack on the right size.

My diet is currently non existent. I eat when I eat (kinda bad)..

can someone help me work out how many calories I should be consuming and of which should be fats, protein, carbs etc ..

Also if it helps my shift pattern at work is 8.30-5.30pm with 1 hour break .. so would have to be able to work around that
maybe start by eating clean at consistent times first and see where that takes you
It’s impossible to give you a definitive plan to be honest. What’s good for me is just good for me. There’s been guys on here who’ve dieted on more than others bulk on at the same weight and People who bulk on a few hundred carbs and others hitting that per meal.
It’s all trial and error to be honest so you need to spend a bit of time on google finding basic plans then monitor your weight and adjusting accordingly. A good pt would take a few pages of information off of you as a starting point then adjust accordingly as there’s not really a simple answer.