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    As this title suggests I suffered a setback a year ago when an inguinal hernia pushed through my bowel wall on the right-hand side of my groin. If that wasn't bad enough, later that day the left one, which had always threatened to become a problem gave me stabbing pains as well.

    Fast-forward over five months of near screaming agony and two separate operations I was back at work and cautiously ready to think about going back to the gym. Some very light work based on high reps followed and a completely modified programme ditching stuff like squats and deadlifts in favour of resistance and tension training which began to tone my seriously overweight physique.
    Two weeks later the lockdown hit and apart from a little physical activity at my place of work, I couldn't do a thing. I tried to jog but that aggravated the hernias so that was shelved indefinitely. I couldn't get a bike for love nor money so I basically did a few press-ups and that was it.

    Now the gym is open again and I've been reactivating my sessions. In my next post I will detail the kind of thing that I'll be doing, starting with a trio of sessions to get up to speed. I will treat this as a personal diary and I'm not looking for replies as such unless you want to comment - writing a journal merely helps keep me motivated and gives me a new target each week to beat.

    Cheers guys :)
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    Best of luck with your goals :thumb:
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    Much appreciated, Simon….

    As mentioned above, my new routine goes as follows:
    Four sessions fitted in when time permits. On the two upper body sessions I will perform six exercises with an extra two if energy levels allow me to thrash my ever-weakening bod further.

    It’s all tension training as this allows me to pause whilst lifting without dropping the weight between sets, thus ensuring maximum resistance is put upon the muscles. I have already carried out a basic dummy run of the programme using weights that I thought were suitable post-hernia/lockdown. Happily, I exceeded the figures quite easily and seem to have not lost much strength at all. By golly, with almost a year passing since a last proper weights session all that rest must have done me good. Hopefully I will see the belly excess drop gradually and even see some increase in size once more for my 55+ years.

    The jargon I use should be reasonably understandable. The sessions will go something like this, adding weight each time I return to that particular routine.

    TRAINING PROGRAMME [To update following each session].

    Weekday: Upper body Session A: 6 mandatory (select) + 2 optional.

    Lat p/d, underarm
    10x60, 6x65 +2, 4x70 +1+1+1, 15x40
    Barbell curl, standing
    10x25, 6x30 +3, 4x35 +1+1+1, 15x20
    Reverse barbell curl (forearms)
    10x15, 6x20 +2, 4x25 +1+1+1, 20x10
    Pec dec
    10x50, 6x55 +2, 4x60 +1+1+1, 15x35
    Fly delt dec
    10x72.5, 6x95 +2, 4x102.5b +3+3+3, 15x57.5
    DB curl, x-chest, alt.
    8x12, 6x14 +2, 4x16 +1+1+1
    DB preacher curl, std, alt.
    10x12, 6x14 +2, 4x16 +1+1+1, 3x18+2, 2x20+1, 15x10
    Triceps cable p/d, alt.
    20x10 rev., 20x15 fr., 10x20 rev. 10x25 fr.
    Last session: 1/8/20

    Weekday: Upper body Session B: 6 mandatory (select) + 2 optional.

    Lat p/d, hammer
    10x50, 6x55 +2, 4x60 +1+1+1, 15x40
    Shoulder press (not yet introduced)
    10x-6x +2-4x +1+1+1-15x
    E-Z pr. curl
    10x28, 6x33 +2, 4x38 +1+1+1, 15x18
    Chest press
    10x60, 6x65 +2, 4x70 +2+2+2, 15x40
    Tricep pulldowns
    10x25, 6x30 +2, 4x35 +1+1+1, 15x20
    High pull bicep cable curls
    10x25, 6x30 +2, 4x35 +1+1+1, 25x15
    Bicep contraction curls
    x12 to fail, -x14 t/f, x16 t/f, 20x10
    Tricep extensions
    10x55, 6x65 +5, 4x70 +3+3+3, 15x35
    Last session: 28/7/20

    FRIDAY: Cardio (90 mins – treadmill, bike).

    SUNDAY: Legs 40 mins approx.

    Incline leg press
    25x150, 12x200, 5x250 +3+3+3, 25x120 + 20 ’bf’
    Seated ham curl
    15x45, 10x50, 6x60 +2+2+2, 15x25 + 6 ‘bf’
    Sled press
    20x140, 12x180, 6x200 +5+5+5, 25x120 + 15 ‘bf’
    Calf press
    20x130, 12x150, 5x170 +2+2+2, 15x100 + 8 ‘bf’
    15x50, 10x70, 5x100 +1+1+1 flex, 15x30 + 10 ‘bf’
    Last session: 2/8/20

    Rest days as necessary.

    Cheers folks. :)
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    Today's session was fundamentally a repeat of last week's effort. I'm giving myself time to settle back into all of this by testing the water to see how the hernias cope. The other two sessions will follow this procedure until next time they are performed.
    Happy to say though that all went very well, I even added some light shoulder presses. I have updated my template for next week's session by adding weight to most of the following exercises. Here's how it went today:

    Weekday: Upper body Session B: 6 mandatory (select) + 2 optional.

    Lat p/d, hammer:
    10x50, 6x55 +2, 4x60 +1+1+1, 15x40
    Shoulder press:
    10x30, 6x40+2, 4x50+1+1+1, 15x30
    E-Z pr. curl:
    10x28, 6x33 +2, 4x38 +1+1+1, 15x18
    Chest press:
    10x60, 6x65 +2, 4x70 +2+2+2, 15x40
    Tricep pulldowns:
    10x25, 6x30 +2, 4x35 +1+1+1, 15x20
    High pull bicep cable curls:
    Not performed this time.
    Bicep contraction curls:
    10x12, 6x14, 4x16, 20x10
    Tricep extensions:
    10x55, 6x65 +5, 4x70 +3+3+3, 15x35
    Last session: 27/7/20
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    Bit of a crappy session today, too sodding warm for doing very much.
    Too busy to concentrate on any decent training too, so I'll give it a break 'til the weekend.
    Off to the caravan with family so I'll do something at the fitness suite and maybe a swim.
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