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Ph Advice

Discussion in 'Anabolic Steroids & Prohormones' started by RandomBloke, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. RandomBloke


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    Hi all.

    Just looking for some advice regarding prohormones. Done some fairly extensive searching on the topic across all the UK forums though this one seemed most active though last decent PH thread was over a year ago from what I could find.

    I'm a male in my early 30s, 220lb (~20% bodyfat), been training consistently almost 3 years now and a fair bit as a teenager prior to nothing through my 20s as I switched to aerobic stuff. Doing 4-5 day/ week DUP powerlifting type training atm (1rm 210kg squat, 135kg bench, 230kg dead lift). My nutrition's pretty well dialed in as well, trying to recomp and burn off some more timber (came down from 245lb) as I fat fucked myself going through my initial novice gains lifting when I restarted.

    Feel like I'm spinning my wheels a bit trying to get my numbers up and actually look a bit more as if I lift (honest about my narcissism at least!). Was considering running a PH cycle. Read a lot of guys saying just to jab as it's cheaper etc. Thoughts? Money's not an issue so willing to run cycle support and PCT properly.

    Just need some advice I guess as I'm fucking clueless tbh. Waste of time and cash running ph/ orals only or are they just as good?

    Cheers troops.

  2. Greedy Ben

    Greedy Ben Top Contributor

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    Waste of time.

    Get a decent coach to help lifts/form/diet

    Look into AAS further if serious about use.
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  3. Swole29

    Swole29 Top Contributor

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    It's not about being cheaper

    It's about injectable and oral AAS being far superior to PH

    The only strong PH were superdroll & m1t & they are both steroids anyway.

    just rUn Test & tren n get stacked n not feel like utter wank
  4. noel

    noel Top Contributor

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    money no issue then get the best gear you can

    PH are UGL made, you can get and pay for pharmaceutical grade products(AAS) so why would you want to do things that on the whole are worse for you and less effective

    Using anavar or Tbol will be fine (AAS)

    but not comparable to a simple test cycle

    get the BF down a touch first too - then build up

    is your goal pure numbers ie lifting based ?

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