Pooley’s Kamikadze Review

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    I’ve used this a few times over the last week at different doses and I have to say I quite like this product
    I’ve used many various pre workouts in my time and this is up there in my top 3
    I was sent my tracking number from prohormones.eu and received my product within a couple of days.
    The flavour I received was citrus fruits. It’s more like a sour lemon flavour, which is good for me as i like the sour taste.
    The labeling is slightly misleading as it comes with a warning saying dosage is half scoop but the label in the ingredients list says serving size is one scoop (13g)
    I proceeded with caution as I didn’t wanna end up a shaking, nauseous wreck. I used half a scoop (13g) the first time
    This supp has a lowish caffeine content (100mg) compared to most pre workouts, but this works well with a good dose (60mg)of dmaa. There isn’t a huge hit like most stims just a good energy and mild euphoric feeling once the headphones are on. At this dose I could feel myself tiring towards the end of the workout. So, of course, I upped the dose today, using 20g so not quite a full scoop. Good energy, mood and motivation without feeling wired. Felt good beyond the workout today with no comedown.
    Coincidence or placebo maybe, but my workouts are improving each time, there are other factors to consider here also
    All in all I think this is a good pre workout. It doesn’t give a huge hit or stimmed up feel, just a good energy, mood and motivation
    Thanks to prohormones.eu for sending me this product
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    Thanks for the review @pooley1810, might give this a go :thumb:
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