Powerlifters should train like bodybuilders

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    Yes big z competed in some WSM at the same time as pudz.
    If we take 2003-2004 pudz and big z finished 1st and second every year. Although pudz was disqualified in 04 (coke) so technically big z won. However after this big z didn't compete in worlds until 2009 which he won beating pudz into second, pudz won 3 in this time though, interestingly, this was also pudz last competitive year, despite being a year younger than big z.

    However big z won Arnold's from 03 to 08, pudz competed 3 times in that era and his best result was 4th

    Worlds tended to and continues to favour the more mobile/conditioned athlete over the static beasts in all events other than the max weight events, obviously you still have to be strong!. Where the Arnold's tends to be much heavier but much less about mobility and conditioning.

    Unfortunately, it's a bit like comparing apples and oranges and depends entirely on what your definition of 'strong' is

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