Prioritising Your Workouts

Discussion in 'Training Psychology' started by LittleLiam, Dec 20, 2014.

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    How do you decide which sessions to omit / catch up when you've lapsed a few sessions?

    Or do you stack the sessions back to back in a longer session to "catch up"?

    I used to stack em to catch up. But I feel the fatigue isn't worth it now.

    At current I have missed Fridays deadlift session, today's ohp and Sunday will be wide grip bench.

    What I will do tomorrow is deadlift. And omit the other 2.

    Deadlift is a main movement and the others are "fluffers". That's my logic.

    What do you do?

  2. Antique Banzi

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    I seldom know what Im going to do before I get there, its sometimes based on whats available equipment wise.
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  3. TwoCanVanDamn

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    Get my bench/push day in. Same with squat/deadlift day

    Everything else is just added in whenever
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  4. Dtlv

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    If I miss a few days I usually just re-start with the session that was due up next - is rare that any of my routines stick to a 7 day weekly rotation anyway so it's not usually any kind of inconvenience. I often seem to find that when I end up taking 2-3 extra unscheduled days off I come back to it much fuller (glycogen loaded) and more pumped for the first day back. I do sometimes use this to train twice in the same day if time allows.
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  5. round 2

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    I dont prioritize but do work jabs around them. Like I wouldn't jab delts day before shoulders.

    My routine is pretty fixed. Back is the thing that gets neglected with me as I can't see it really and I Don't wanna compete.

    I don't if it's shit or not?
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  6. AMW83

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    I have a set routine per day per body part. Sometimes it's inevitable that other people using equipment needs to be worked around, but I set myself up for the week to hit each particular muscle on a said day. Monday is international chest day at my gym - so I train legs was the equipment is usually free.
    In the next week or so I will be starting a totally different attack tho and a whole new system/programme for me. So hopefully it pays off.

    I'm also usually a mon-fri trainer as I use my weekends for family time, however with having Xmas day off I am going into the gym sort of mid afternoon today.
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  7. Cyborg

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    I've missed two gym sessions this week due to a really hectic work schedule. Next week is going to be more of the same till Xmas eve.:sad:

    So I will try and prioritise Squats first as doing these have the best all round carry over IMO. I often hate doing them, but a necessary evil.

    Next would be Pull ups over BOR as I do variations of weighted Pull ups and is important for my goals.

    Dumbell press over bench as I get a better feel and range of movement, plus no spotter is needed. lol

    Handstand practice / HSPU over Military press or OHP as more relevant to my goals.

    Any Bi or Tri work like curls etc are defo fluffers and way down the list of 'to do stuff'

    Ab work tends to get done at end of workout and can be done at home, so I sometimes do these later on in day after more Handstand practice.
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  8. pooley1810

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    On a push pull legs type split at the moment and literally train when it suits me best. Some weeks will be 3 on 1 off then maybe 1 on 1 off, rarely there is 2 off days but if there is I just keep the sessions rolling with what is due next.
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  9. TinyTim

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    I do a 3 sets per body part, get back into it workout as a restarter.
    Then, the day after that just drop back into whatever my routine would have been for that week day.
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  10. Galaxy

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    Always just continue where I left off, doing push pull legs atm so pretty easy to just continue on.
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  11. Fatbrah

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    also on push pull legs so just keep it going when suits.. sometimes if its been a few days tho and it should be legs al swap it to push or pull...

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  12. Beast

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    As long as i can get at least one good squatting session in each week, that's all that matters.
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