Protein Dynamix Dynago Amino Review

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    Thought I'd leave a review as PD have been good enough to send out a 20serving tub of this and not just a sample
    First of all, I received this within 2 days of winning the comp so a good start there
    Flavour is good, got the Hawaiian punch and it has a nice tropical taste to it. I prefer to mix in less water to get a stronger taste
    It contains the standard 2:1:1 bcaa ratio whereas there are other amino supps that have a higher ratio. But, this is more than just a standard bcaa drink as it contains micronised glutamine, l-norvaline, B vit blend and electrolytes.
    I've been using this intra workout and I can honestly say I've been recovering really well from my workouts. I train fasted in the morning and this product does seem to be beneficial, if this continues I would buy this product and continue using
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    I will try this at some point always looking for a good intra drink.
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