Protime Mint Choc Chip

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    I don't know this company I had never heard of them before I saw the stand at bodypower. I had a chat with the guy and picked up some whey for me to review.

    I looked at the make up of this whey and it looks decent consisting of WPC and Isolate its perfect as a post work out shake.

    Per 30g serving it contains only 2g of fat ,2.3g of carbs of which 1.7g are sugar with 22.2g of protein.


    I have the mint choc chip its lovely really does taste like a mint aero. Nice chocolate taste with a fresh mint flavour really nice.Could do a tub no problem if you like mint choc you'll love this.

    Full ingredients list in the link but this is a good tasting low carb low sugar whey that's worth trying.

    8 /10