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    Hello hope everybody’s doing well! Got 3 quick questions about the science behind catabolism. I know some can be long to explain but just want a simple answer so that I can have some basic knowledge about this phenomenon.

    Can protein prevent catabolism? (Would a protein shake taken before bed prevent catabolism occuring during sleep?)

    Does walking cause catabolism (how much (mg) muscle is on average lost with walking, swimming, running, boxing, etc.)

    What kind of calories does cardio burn (protein, fat or carbs) ? Does it burn old (already stored calories) or any caories (even recent ones)? In that case isn’t it easier to just not eat?
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    Massively overthinking here me thinks.

    yes, eating protein is a good way to prevent catabolism but you’re not going to waste away over night if you don’t have a shake before bed

    Yes, cardio causes a catabolic effect but again, you’re not going to waste away doing it.

    any form of work burns calories, first those already swimming around in your blood, then stores from liver, fat and to an extent muscle. But yet again, you’re not going to waste away doing it unless it’s excessive, you’re starving yourself and you’re not doing any resistance training.
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    Cardio does more than just burn calories.
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