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Rehabbing/training Around Hamstring Injury?

Discussion in 'General Bodybuilding' started by Keys, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Keys

    Keys Full Member

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    Hi fellas,

    I strained or tore my hamstring on the weekend doing heavy leg Press, silly really and wouldnt mind so much if I'd done on squatting or deadlifting

    What's the best way to rehab this? Exercises to train around it?

    Funnily enough it doesn't seem to have affected deadlift so going to keep those in and just be sensible

    Any help greatly appreciated

  2. Dtlv

    Dtlv Moderator Moderator

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    I think if you can train without it obviously twinging in other exercises then you should be fine to work around it - is when it's obviously being affected by the movement that it's a problem.

    I have a similar issue with a tweaked right front delt right now. It's fine while I train, and I don't feel it pulling during my workouts so I'm keeping going.

    In some ways a minor injury that you have to cautiously work around while it heals can be a blessing as it forces you to grove into good training form.
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  3. doink

    doink PhD in Bro Science Top Contributor

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    If it’s a tear there’s a good chance it’ll be black and bruised as fuck from the bleeding. There’ll be some sign of it ‘usually’

    If it’s just a twinge I’d avoid direct ham work for a week or two then give it another go with full rom and a light weight, then just work your way back up.
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  4. noel

    noel Top Contributor

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    depends how bad, get it checked out

    I twinged mine....not full tear etc but enough to fuck leg training off for 3/4 weeks....managed a very light session...so as above build it up slow...don't let ego or past weights in for a while and see.
    if painful now then avoid anything that puts stress through it - again dependant on your feel
    as an example week 1 for me even lifting heavy DB from the rack to press strained the ham so much I had to go use machines or a bench.......

    try to keep mobile though, keep cals sensible so you allow repair......if it doesn't effect deads I doubt its too bad to be honest......
  5. ldn_geordielad

    ldn_geordielad Full Member

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    I managed to give myself a grade 2 tear around my groin. Had originally thought it was my hamstring, but realising I'd done it to my adductor/abductor did a lot to help me in correct rehab. I watched a few good Youtubes, and learned a lot about foam roller rehab and massaging. I also used a vibrating plate to aid in the recovery. I took things as easy as I needed to, but didn't stop my training. I just made sure i worked 'into the pain slightly' as one video put it, and worked with it slightly like that. I also got some resistance bands I use now and then, which tbh, were probably a good idea, but I just didn't use them after a few weeks.

    My injury was related to my ego - I did something I shouldn't have done, and the 'ping' feeling I got when I knew I'd proper wrecked it fucked me right off at the time, as I knew it wasn't going to be a smooth ride. It taught me a lot of humility. My legs were black and blue from the bruise - and it spoiled a holiday i had.

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