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Reputable Sarm Supplier In U.k. Or Europe ?

Discussion in 'Growth Hormone/Peptides' started by The_Reaper, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Sjundea

    Sjundea Top Contributor

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    All cyclists are natty mate, even if they now smash Lance's previous best times. Clearly humans have genetically become faster, stronger and fitter by genetics alone.
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  2. NoPain

    NoPain Full Member

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    I feel like I will always play fair and never use anything that makes me win that is unfair. not everyone takes drugs so I don't, not everyone can train so I don't, not everyone can eat healthy so I don't.
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  3. Reacher

    Reacher Top Contributor

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    amazing how many have asthma and other underlying health issue though...
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  4. custom_courier

    custom_courier Full Member

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    None of those cyclists look healthy. Even aside from the fact that their built like racing snakes.