Robert Irvine Fit Crunch Cookies And Cream

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    Have to say pretty solid, the usual is in there like polyols some glycerin but beside that and some sweeteners nothing really stand out as being bad, looks like they've tried to keep this bar as non artificial as they could.


    Very good i have to say, surprised me that carbs are lower than the protein content when as you know it's usually the other way around.
    Fats are a bit higher than i'd like, guess that's how the bar remains so soft and good to eat. Fats seem to be mostly coconut and palm oil, with a bit of sunflower so a pretty decent spread.


    Ok this is the ticket, the daddy least for me. Oh yeah bars though nice can be a bit too much, the flavour on this isn't strong which i love. It's a multi layer bar, there seems to be some sort of soft chocolate biscuit centre, topped off with a cream filling surrounded by crispy soy chips.
    There also seems to be some knobbly bits inside, not sure what they are but damn they're nice to bite into.
    Either way as an occasional treat i love them, and the fact i can get these for £2 make them all the better, as oh yeah bars as you know fetch a hefty premium.
    The bar is knobbly, and soft at the same time, you'll really enjoy ripping into one of these for sure.

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    Good review. The bar sounds great i want to try it.
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    any samples going? us scottish tramps like a freebie
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    Sorry don't think they sell them battered [emoji6]
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