Sacrifices You Make/made To Reach Your Goals.

Discussion in 'Training Psychology' started by Cyborg, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Cyborg

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    Whether your a competitive bb / powerlifter or just after a better body.

    Some of us have a burning desire deep within to stand out of the crowd, be different.

    With that, greater sacrifices sometimes have to be made, in order to give yourself a better chance.

    So what sacrifices are you making ( or have made ) in order to reach your goals?

    It could be anything from:

    Giving up or changed a job because it didn't / doesn't fit in with your goals.

    Giving up certain friendships / relationships cause they interfered or distracted you from keeping to a strict timetable.

    Pushed yourself harder than you normally would, to give you a better chance of winning.

    Being very strict regards to diet, to the point of refusing to let any family members sway you otherwise.

    Take more drugs to get you there quicker and recover from workouts faster.

    Practice Meditation.

    Hiring a Coach

    Keeping to a set training program like Smolov.


  2. Fatbrah

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    hired a coach
    dont eat out as much as i would like

    thats about it a think!
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  3. TheProducer

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    Hired a coach
    Work in a gym
    Spent loads of money on supps and gear over the years
    Skipped nights out
    Extreme dieting
    Relationship went down the shitter
    Scarified smaller fitness related goals to follow the programme (strength related ones on deads and squats)
    Resorted to having a couple of grinds of flavouring to try to satisfy hunger during dark days of prep
    Mental well being during prep
    Got fat on first cycle
    Nan told me not to get fat again - sorry nan :sad:

    But fuck me will it all be worth it when it pays off. If it doesn't then I have zero regrets. I will never achieve the vision/dream I have if I don't try it.

    .....but also trying to get my life back on track with a decent balance of nights out/social events :tongue:
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  4. darkside

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    Nothing, if anything I sacrifice my training and diet to spend time and be happy with my family. What's the point in reaching your bb/powerlifting goals if you lose your happiness at home with family and friends.
    Nothing I could ever achieve with regards to training could ever match what I have with my wife, daughter and son.
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  5. Dig

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    Had a goal of benching 300kg+ equipped as a junior and being lightest ever brit lifter to do it. Managed to reach my goal but did make sacrifices:

    -Took a menial low paid job when had a degree so could train with the best guys in my area every week
    -Travelled a total of 390 miles per week (3x training sessions) for cpl of years
    -Took AAS
    -Took painkillers most sessions for months on end
    -Took too many stims with the painkillers
    -Trained thru injuries (including hairline fracture scaphoid bone which hurt like hell when benching)
    -Lots of wear and tear thru said injuries causing massive issues now down the line
    -Didnt socialise too much for years
    -Rarely drunk for years
    -Put strain on relationships thru selfishness

    Dont regret it per se but in hindsight could have done a couple of things differently, que sera.
  6. Olly

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    Was just going to add my tuppence worth but this says it all for me.
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  7. Phmg


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    I've never really sacrificed. Time training is enjoyable so thats not a sacrifice. My food is cheaper than all my mates that don't train. Supps are free and gear can be extremely cheap.

    I'd go so far as to say zero sacrifice. And to be honest, if I had to sacrifice anything for my hobby, I probably wouldn't.
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  8. SK-XO

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    Not really sacrificed anything as such. I still eat out fairly regular with gf, I prefer eating set diet always have, gym works around my life, so if I can't go usual time I go first thing in morning or last thing at night, go on holidays eat whatever I want.

    Still reach my goals regardless and I've never let it take over my life.
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  9. Little Simon

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    Not much really, sacrifice a bit of sleep to wake up at 5 so I can train before work, but thats only 3 times a week so not much of a sacrifice.
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  10. Tommy6

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    I'd say when I'm on it I give up a lot of social occasions, my mate owns a nightclub brand and used to watch the worlds best DJ's once a month and get blootered.

    I started saying no all the time as I had my goals and after a whole our friendship kinda fell away.

    Still mates but he does his thing n I do mine.
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  11. Floydy

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    I gave up drinking altogether for three years during the 90's. Then went back to square one in a matter of weeks when I got married :facepalm:
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  12. daddy1

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    It wasn't so much about the sacrifices that I made as it was my choice. It was the sacrifices my family made to support me along the way tbh.
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  13. LittleChris

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    My hairline :lol:
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  14. Jim

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    Over the yr's...

    1- Left job on railway after realising 12hr on a shovel was not gonna help me grow.

    2- Social life (dnt like ppl anyway)

    3- Holidays with family (had to prep or compete)

    More recently as in prep

    1- All my free time
    2- Time with my Wife and Son
    3- Nice food
    4- Loads of cash (put my self under quite a bit of financial strain this time round)
    5- Time with my elderly Grandparents (usually see em for a couple hr every Sunday but not been round for last 8 or 9 weeks).
    6- Church (usually go with my Nan then spend time with her n Grandpa)
    7- Mum, Dad, Sister, Nephew... (again not seen these for more then 10min in last 8 or so weeks).
    8- Energy
    9- Mental state
    10- Hired a coach

    Just being honest...
    Not saying I'm right to do this or that it's even acceptable for me to do this.
    There is just some thing inside that pushes me on...
    I take time away from the stage as I know I need to in order to have a life out side of bbing...
    Truth be known it's my only interest and only thing I have any drive for...

    I love my family hence the time away from the stage.
    Got little trip booked for me Sarah and George post Brits so will try and make up for as much as I can then.
    I know show time is all about me so I make the time away from preps all about them.
    It's 100% family time after this.
    Baby is due in Feb and got lots to organise still.

    It's a lot of short term sacrifices that are made and nothing I feel can't be made up for (unless this is just the selfish part of my brain talking).

    I'll probably regret it all when I'm old and grey... lol
  15. doink

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    I don't eat a fraction of the crap I'd like to eat.

    Now and then I'll sacrifice the social side to hit a short term goal but mostly I just work harder in the week...

    Other than that fuck all, I enjoy it so even the limited 'sacrifices' I make aren't really sacrifices, they're just options. If I didn't want to do it I wouldn't do it. I'd find something else.

    Suppose that's the difference in attitude between lean and shredded or big and huge though.... Or
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