Second Place In The World Fire Fighters/police Games

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    Here's a DECON client that came 2nd in his height class at the world games for fire fighters and police men this past weekend.
    He was 1 point behind a dude from Europe that has been Mr Universe several times.
    I don't have competition pictures yet but here's him with his medal at the gym today.
    I am very pleased with him because he beat 9 guys and only the top 3 placed (just like the Olympics with the gold silver and bronze medals.). He was right at 93kg on stage at 5ft6.

    Oh and here's another DECON client a few days before a show this past weekend.
    He won the light heavies and the overall.
    A fantastic look he only weights 89kg at 5ft10 but looks very big!
    This is with no pump just cold off the street.

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    Second guys body is so big his head looks photoshopped lol

    But seriously well done con
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    Decon seems to be doing extremely well with its clients, if you never left limerick I'd hire you within a second haha
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