Squats And Deads

Discussion in 'Powerlifting & Strongman' started by _cam, Jul 15, 2017.

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    mine are pitiful. And I'm racking my brain trying to decide how to get stronger at them more efficiently.

    What do people recommend for bringing up squats and deads, also - separate days or do them togeather?

    Debating just going on mad cows 5x5 for a while with a arm day thrown in at weekends for fun. Or Smolov JNr but it looks incredibly harsh

  2. doink

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    Squats and deads work well mate.
  3. doink

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    5x5 is a good start doe.

    It's only 3 sessions a week though so I'd do a machine day on chest and triceps and a machine day on back and bi's on top.

    Legs get battered squatting 3 times a week.
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    pm Con or hilly mate, they'd be happy to help.
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    Also id suggest looking focus on your assistance work...ie variations of the squat and dead as this will go a long way
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    PM B-rad brah

    He will PM Con or Hilly who would be happy to help him
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    I'd do them on separate days personally so you can push harder on both, spinal load and pressure on lower back would catch up with you fast doing both together IMO.

    Is it your form that's the issue or do you just not feel v strong on both? Could be worth going right back to the basics, taking weight right down and nailing form and then bringing the numbers up steadily from there.

    Something like 5x5 or 531 is a good place to start too
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