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    Apologies to other members for losing my shit lol, I know it's only the internet so shouldn't be taken so seriously. Just hate layabouts who have no intention to work and then his comment about depression really hit a nerve.

    Gyms back open on 25th chaps, I don't know about yours but I went to see the owner of mine last week he's done it all up, new machinery coming today which is Saturday I think lol. He told me he's actually had no official guidlines from government so will just use his common sense. 25 ppl per floor (there's 3 floors and I train in morning soon as he opens so that's bloody perfect for me), wipe machinery down after use which I always bring my own towel anyway as don't know what cunts been on before me and just hand sanitizer everywhere. Sounds perfect so far. Just need to sort my whiny little bitching over the Deca blast lol
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