Stress: The Silent Killer

Discussion in 'Articles' started by neil.rushton, Feb 18, 2016.

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    But Mo money, mo problems?!
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    Agree with @doink on the environment thing

    My old job drove my anxiety massively high
    Since leaving I've felt like a different person
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    Inb4 @doink won a footy accumalator and it solved his anxiety
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    Great response and attitude to ride with, but it's not a choice we have, you don't choose to have anxiety it chooses you. Anxiety and worrying are not the same, all the logic in the world won't keep my heart from hammering in my chest. Even the simplest of tasks can be overwhelming at times. You can't just stop worrying. There is no 'on' or 'off' switch. My experience @doink..It's being attacked by something I can't escape from. Believe or not I feel on top of the world right now. No matter how irrational I may come across, it's real to me.
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    Stress definitely has strong links to anxiety.

    Seen loads suffer in my business. Sharing Neil's post with my colleague next to me before she has a breakdown.

    A dont give a shit attitude and the gym have helped me.
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    I'm on that battle field mate. No fucker in the world has control over me and myself. They try dam fucking hard too. I'm just recovering from my wife having an affair. Just throwing that in as I was pre diagnosed with depression with anxiety. So, now I have to deal with a whole fucking mix of emotions on top. I have never quit, give up on myself and I still train and hit the iron hard. This so called illness will not beat me. I'm just sharing what the illness is. Hopefully it will help others to turn their back on the disease and take control of it. I'm on your wave length on this...Take control and don't let it control you.
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    My better half suffers really badly with anxiety, around a month ago they upped her dose of setraline and tbh it's worked wonders.

    Still hard to live with at times but it's my choice and she's open enough that we can deal with it.

    It's a horrible thing, wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
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