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Discussion in 'Training Information' started by simpplesi, May 4, 2017.

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    Thanks Scott Stevenson, some very inspiring words. I think I'm very much guilty of pushing myself to much at times and not allowing for a drop in tier if I'm feeling it that week, feel like its a weakness but reality is i work full time, so does my wife and have 3 young kids so juggling all that and trying at times to really push myself isn't necessary the right thing to do, and feel unless i come out of it feeling totally wrecked (not good when i then have an 8-10hr shift to do!) then I've not done enough. I do think i need more volume when training upper body which i can start to play with more and need to look at the pump sets as sometimes after leg loading its hard work really pushing it on the upper pump work so think I've answered my own question in that i need to look at reducing tier volume on legs. Started watching some youtube videos on peoples training to pick up some different ideas for altering some exercises to get some fun back on MR days. Think I'm gonna stick with it as love the principles and play around with the tier volume throughout the week.
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    Sounds like you've got some solutions to try out.

    You might also look at my instagram account. Mainly what I've got on there are some novel exercises that you might like. I try to keep it educational. :)


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