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    Just been doing some research on this (like how to make it yourself) I found this thought it explained things well

    Site enhancement oil is bodybuilding's dirty little secret. It's no longer unusual to see a pro bodybuilder admit to using steroids. Many national and professional level bodybuilders have come clean with their use of nubain and other painkillers. However, I've yet to see one bodybuilder admit to using a site enhancement product. The signs are obvious, at this years Olympia it appeared that more top bodybuilders are partaking of site enhancement products than ever. However, you'd sooner get one of these guys to admit to being a homosexual pedophile with a predilection for young boys with shaved gonads (referred to as Grendelism in the DSM-IV. Coincidence? I think not!) than to using a site enhancement oil. Which leaves the rest of us in a quandary. If no one is willing to talk about their experiences with this stuff, how in the hell are we supposed to figure out how to use it?

    It was that thought that was the genesis of this article. Until recently, I'd never tried a site enhancement oil. After a lot of hem hawing around, I decided to take the plunge, both literally and figuratively. I purchased a bottle of Site Enhancement Oil Plus from Nuclear Nutrition and gave it a try. The first week, the pain was very nearly intolerable. I almost quit using the product, simply because I knew there was no way I was going to be able to work out while using this stuff. What good is inflated biceps and triceps when you can't train the rest of your body? For whatever reason, probably so I didn't feel like a ***** for quitting, I decided to give it one more week. Trevor Smith had told me that after the first week, the pain subsides. The guy knew what he was talking about, because the second week wasn't nearly as bad as the first. By the third week, I was actually enjoying the feeling, it felt like my arms were pumped 24/7 and they felt like they were….well, growing for lack of a better term. You guys ever get that feeling where it just feels like everything is pointing to the right direction on the anabolic compass and you know growth is taking place? That's how I felt every day.

    The whole idea behind my use of this product was that I was going to document my progress on a weekly basis using a digital camera. That was a great idea, however, I could barely move my arms, much less flex them for a photo during this entire period. Yes, the pain became tolerable. But, I still have a hard time understanding how these pros, who use far more SEO than I ever did, manage to get up on stage and hit bicep and tricep shots. I suppose that's where nubain comes into play.

    Despite the fact that I just recently used a site enhancement product for the first time, I've been privy to the development of this stuff from the very beginning. In fact, I was in contact with the guy who now goes by the name Chris Clark, the inventor of the original Synthol, during the period where he was first bringing it to market. At the time, I was absolutely fascinated by the discussions I had with him, simply because Chris is a fascinating character.

    The original name of Synthol was actually Synthrol 877 and Synthrol 873. One version contained anabolic steroids, while the other simply contained his "secret" mixture of oils. Mr. Clark was a mid-level steroid dealer who became obsessed with the idea of developing a site enhancement product. Every once in a while, I come across an individual in bodybuilding who's ready, willing, and able to take things beyond any normal level of safety or sanity. Chris Clark is one of these people. During the development of Synthrol, Chris was injecting himself with a variety of different oil that had been sterilized in a pressure cooker. He did this so much that he almost died on numerous occasions from pulmonary embolisms, and very nearly lost one of his legs below the knee due to a horrible infection. But, did this stop Chris Clark? Hell no!! I can only imagine how much money this guy is worth today. Hopefully he used it to hire a staff of physicians and a good psychiatrist.

    Trevor Smith is the only person I know that can be considered somewhat of a guru on the topic of site enhancement who's willing to even broach the subject. Yes, there are other experts in the sport, but none of them are willing to discuss bodybuilding's dirty secret. What follows is the interview I did with Trevor Smith from Nuclear Nutrition.

    DISCLAIMER- All of the products referred to in the article and interview are meant for topical use only. Using them in a fashion inconsistent with their labeling probably violates half a dozen local, state, and federal laws. What's discussed in this article is not meant to be used as course of action, and is purely for entertainment purposes only.

    AE: What is the mechanism of action that allows these products to increase the size of various body parts?

    Trevor: Well, basically the process is really simple….Think of the muscle as a dry sponge for hypothetical purposes. What happens when you drop it in water? It expands tremendously often quadrupling its previous size, correct? Well it is kind of that way when "Pump and Pose" products are injected into the belly of a muscle. Except instead of being absorbed by the muscle so much, they "spread" the muscle tissue and "lift" the muscle tissues (when done correctly mind you). Now most people do not understand the mechanism by which these products work and that is partly the reason why their arms, calves or delts look so ****ed up and so stupid. If they understood the basic biomechanics of the body part in questions and how their muscle genetically looks (i.e. long insertion, short insertion, no peak, high peak) they would go a long way to maximizing the effects of these products. I always tell people that they must think of these products as car jacks. If you put the car jack on top of the car and started pumping it up, the height of the car wouldn’t increase. But if you place the jack under the car, and pump away, the car lifts up and its height increases. This, in essence is what you want to have happen. Look at "Pump and Pose" products as the jack and your muscle as the car. I know it sounds simple, but how many people have you seen that look like they have a half-gallon of oil sitting on top of their biceps. To me this is a stupid as trying to lift a car up with the jack on top of the car.

    AE: Many bodybuilders are under the belief that localized injections of steroids will produce the same affect as a site enhancement oil. What are your feelings on this?

    Trevor: This is absolutely true. Obviously only with oil based products though. I mean, it isn’t going to be bad to site inject say winstrol, in fact there is some indication as it might actually have localized effects on muscle growth along with systemic effects. But you are not going to get the tissue spreading and lifting effect that you will get with the oils. To me, the smart bodybuilder uses only the calves, biceps, triceps, or delts when injecting their gear. Why bother shooting into your ass, unless you are looking to have an ass the size of a ****ing Rhino, which without naming names one freaky east coast amateur’s ass actually looks like….a ****ing Rhino’s! I was watching the 1998 USA’s and couldn’t believe what I was looking at when this guy turned around. Sure it was shredded to the bone, but his ass looked like Ronnie Coleman’s and Marcus Ruhl’s put together. What good is weighing 270-280lbs. on stage if 20 of it is in your ass, right? The only thing one needs to understand is that you cannot and should not be injecting 5ml of gear into various body parts every day. You will get the same lifting action from putting 3ml of oil-based cypionate as you would putting 3ml of Site Enhancement Oil Plus. However, the sesame seed oil in the cypionate will get metabolized faster than the Site Enhancement Oil Plus, which contains more than just oil.

    AE: What is the main ingredient in most of the site enhancement oils on the market?

    Trevor: Well, contrary to what these other companies tell you, it usually isn’t anything but the same ****ing M.C.T. oil you get in your local G.N.C. And if you are lucky, they throw in some benzyl alcohol for half-assed sterilization purposes. Of course, everyone knows this does not make a sterile product. It has to be produced in a clean, air filtered environment, and produced by actual lab coat and rubber glove wearing chemists in a temperature controlled room, which my product is and it is the only one out there that is, in fact, produced this way. The other guys produce their products by pouring a vat of cheap, low grade M.C.T. oil into some 100ml vials in their kitchen. Interestingly enough, a mutual friend of ours brought me a bottle of a pump and pose product from South Africa called Esik-Kleen or something like that. Both of us agreed that it was nothing but vegetable oil with some floating plant collagen in it. Now that is real sterile. I didn’t know whether to throw it out or fry up a ****ing chicken with it. I know I am being a smart-ass here, but it really isn’t funny. People are injecting themselves with unsterile **** like this every day, and best of all they are paying $400.00 for a 100ml bottle of crap like this.

    AE: How extensive do you think use of site enhancement oil (SEO) is in the pro ranks? I know there are some pretty obvious abusers, but I also know there's a lot of pros that use the stuff who never have the finger pointed at them. Without naming names, how bad do you think it's gotten?

    Trevor: Well first we need to make a distinction here. Site Enhancement Oil is the name of my product, not the general name for all these other "Pump and Pose" products. I don’t want people getting confused or confusing the other garbage out there with my product. So how extensive do I think these types of products are in the pro ranks? Very!

    It would be easier for me to name the people who don’t use these types of products, then to name the ones that do. And **** this "without naming names" ****. Let’s name some of the ones that do use.

    Flex Wheeler: Probably the biggest user out there. Except Flex has someone applying the shots (a plastic surgeon I heard) that knows what they are doing, because he still looks good. Although if you look at pics of him from 1992 to now, he has completely lost the deltoid/arm tie ins which he used to have. The use of site injections has made his arms a good 2-3 inches bigger and cost him some definition. Now his delts he has gone over board in my opinion, as they are actually bigger than his pecs. Of course, his calves were probably the first thing he did. They don’t look good because they just do not flex and they have no definition.

    Ronnie Coleman: uses it strictly in his calves because he has very high calves like a number of the black athletes

    Marcus Ruhl: you can usually see the bruises on his biceps from the injection….his look good and he has a wicked peak.

    Nasser: again you can see where he applies it in his arms

    J.P. Fux: in the battle for the Olympia tape, you clearly see the telltale biceps bruise from where he injects.

    Dexter Jackson: uses a lot in his calves

    I could go on and on. A lot of the black athletes use it in their calves to over-come their genetically high calves, and most of the pros will use it to fill out the shoulders. Like I said, it would be easier to name guys that don’t use the stuff: Shawn Ray, Lee Priest, Kevin Levrone….

    At the end of the day, the guys who understand how to do the injections correctly will not get noticed. The guys who go ape **** with the stuff and don’t know how to use it correctly, they are going to stand out. The smart ones will use smaller amounts over the long haul so it won’t be such a dramatic difference from the last time they competed. I mean if you do the N.O.C. and have weak biceps and then show up at the Olympia with huge footballs, it is going to raise some eyelids.
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    Interesting read, I liked what was said about injecting in Calves, Arms and Delts instead of glutes when doing a normal roid shot, but my worry would be getting it wrong.

    I know people do use SEO, but no one seems to talk about it, so it would be interesting if people would post their direct experiences, although I would imagine most would wish to remain anonymous
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    One of the main considerations (apart from price) when choosing which synthol to use is the concentration of benzyl alcohol. The primary function of benzyl alcohol in synthol is that of a preservative and to sterilize the mixture. Benzyl alcohol when used by the medical profession to sterilize intramuscular solutions is used at a concentration of 0.9-1% only.
    Synthol such as Pumpnpose (esik-clean) has a higher concentration of benzyl alcohol (7.5%). At this concentration the benzyl alcohol causes inflammation and swelling of the tissue (bigger gains). Unfortunately this can also cause the user to feel unwell. Some think it may also cause the formation of scar tissue. Look for a synthol with a lower concentration of benzyl alcohol.

    I have been reading up on the different types of synthol and what they contain some are just oil and ba while others are various oils painkillers amino acids and ba
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    Interesting read, i'd never really use unless i was going for mega mass....

    But i agree it doesn't mean you will categorically look like a it used proper it has more than a place
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    I think I will be doing more spot injections into calfs lats and chest and less in glutes.
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    I dont really understand why people bash it so much and its such a taboo. To look like a complete freak on it, from my understanding you need to use huge volumes of the stuff and have to continue to depending on whats in the seo (e.g no ingredients that will stay there permanently) in order to keep the size as the oil will dissipate.

    To me it seems a very clever technique to try and stretch the fascia of a muscle which lacks pop or you feel may be restricted by it. So add it in at a time when your getting good growth, so on cycle etc and see how it goes.

    Ive got some MCT oil seo which ive used a bit in the outer bicep head as mine is very flat and lacks pop, so not using it just for size and for my arms to measure more but trying to shape it too, i may be pissing into the wind, but theres only one way to ever know. What ive found so far though is that is seems to dissipate fast. It is a bit painful as you can feel the pressure in the muscle from it, bit like having a pump all the time.

    I have read certain ones may cause more scar tissue than others which is something that would probably want to be avoided. I think collagen was something thats meant to be a cause of scar tissue. Could be wrong there though.
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    Yes I read something along the same lines about collagen and other ingredients , it was saying ones that have the bare minimum of things in are the best.
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    i met Chris Clark in the 90s in London and had long chats with the ma, crazy but determined
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    I was just reading an interview with him , was quite interesting but not sure what to believe as It seemed the interview was mainly just to plug pump&pose
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    I would have thought with some of the extra added ingredients like prop etc, it'd cause more inflammation so size from the swell, but maybe more likely to cause scar tissue. I know some stuff is added to meant to make it more permanent, so i guess its a trade off of what youre using it for.

    Ive read of some people making their own seos from MCT oil too.
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    yes there loads of people saying it on other sites , Ive read some that are for sale only contain mct oil and ba

    just read this 2.

    History: SEO’s have been around for some time now dating back atleast 10 or so yrs and used by top level bodybuilders to enhance/shape individual muscle. They have been marketed in the past under, “Posing Oil” and sold under names such as Synthol and Pump N Pose. Lately, these have fallen out of favor with the mainstream due to negative publicity they have received from the abuse of such products by bodybuilders such as Greg Valentino and various idiots on youtube.

    What SEO’s are not: They are not instant muscle or intended to be injected in large volumes such as the examples above where you simply fill the muscle full of oil.
    What SEO’s are: They are MCT (caprylic acid primarily) oil that has prepared for IM injection. MCT oil is safe and actually aids in metabolism (think cutting diet) with a half life of around 10 days. Other oils may be used, but there are additional benefits of using an MCT oil.

    How SEO’s work: Primarily SEO’s work by stretching muscle fascia (the sheath that surrounds and shapes muscle fibers) allowing for new growth. Fascia is definatley a limiting factor in muscle growth as any qualified message therapist will tell you. There is also a secondary mechanism by which caprylic acid works within the muscle; it increases AR expression when combined with Testosterone over 200%.

    Where to use SEO’s: SEO’s can be of a great benefit when it comes to bringing up lagging body parts or muscles where you may lack genetic gifting. They work they best in muscles with short muscle bellies such as delts, arms, and calves. They can be used on flat muscles such as the pecs or tear drops, but require greater attention when administering.
    What to expect from SEO’s: There are no standards here, but depending on training age, muscle size etc…results will vary. My experience has been about ½” to my arms(triceps) in around 6 weeks, which I maintained once discontinued.

    How to use SEO’s: There are many different approaches to using SEO’s, but I have tested this one in bi’s tris and currently on my calves. Using a 1” 23g pin (draw with a 18 or 20g) I bisect the muscle. What? Look at someone’s arm from a side view, than figure the middle in both directions. That is sight one, choose a second sight about and inch to an inch ½ higher (towards the shoulder) and that is sight two. The reason we use two sights is because gravity comes into play, so use the same principle in other muscles. We want at least two sights to minimize the trauma of frequent injections. Flat muscles such as the pecs may require up to five while the vastus lateralis would be fine with three. If you plan on doing your lat’s find a good friend to help.

    Possible SEO cycle: With the guidance of others I have followed the following cycle with good results. Remember, time trumps volume here. It is better to use for a longer duration (or until desired results are achieved) than to go for a lumpy ball of oil. The following cycle is based on every other day (EOD) and caused little pain, although you will feel a stretching sensation (duh).

    1cc EOD X 4 (Times) (although my calves were so tight I did them for 8)
    2cc EOD x8
    3cc EOD until you reach desired results

    Training with SEO’s: You should definitely prioritize the desired muscles when using SEO’s using increased volume or training it first (I do both). You will want to pick a stretching exercise in addition to other work you do, so incline curls for biceps would do nice. Do not exaggerate the stretch, just lower until you feel the muscle begin to tighten. I recommend training the body part directly 2X wk and then 2 sets of 20-30 reps on other training days to fill it with a fresh pump and nutrients.
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    Tumbleweeds in here lol

    I used a few ml of it into delts in October but itw primarily to slightly water down gear as i was till a bit new to jabs and was hurting aot with prop and tren

    Its Taboo....hence the lack of posts in here lol

    I still have it sitting
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    A proper SEO, should cause no muscle inflammation. The only inflammation you should have from an SEO is the swelling and water retention from the frequent injections ONLY.

    Anything that causes inflammation is eventually going to cause scar tissue as you are pinning several times in the same muscle on a daily or eod basis for extended periods of time depending on the brand of SEO you decided to buy.

    This is why Synthetek's Syntherol is such a Quality product:

    *It is thin enough to go through a 27g pin.
    *There is no 'excessive' BA to sterilise the product as it is already sterile as it is produced in a lab, not in someone's bathtub or kitchen.
    *There are pros that have openly endorse the product, sponsored and not sponsored by Synthetek.
    *There will be no oil left within the muscle within 6 weeks (Max) of stopping use.

    Oh and all that talk about gear creating the same effect as SEO is not true:

    1. You do not shoot enough gear to provide the sustained pressure for long enough to actually stretch the fascia
    2. Gear oil is absorbed quicker then SEO oil
    3. If you DO shoot that much gear locally in an effort to recreate the effect of SEO use, you will only create a lot of scar tissue from the muscular inflammation caused by the gear.
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    1.thats a sweeping statement,there are many out there who will and do shoot enough to match the volume used with seo's,i have done so myself in the past.
    3.there are many brands of gear out there which cause no inflammation whatsoever so again thats a bit of a sweeping statement.
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    i used stuff called nolitil many many many years ago and tbh it was so long ago i really dont have any more to add apart from it was pretty good lol
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