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T3/anavar Female Cycle Help?!

Discussion in 'Other PED's and POM's' started by PrincessJ, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. PrincessJ


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    26. 146lbs. About 18% bf. Lift 5x a week, cardio a few times a week. Tracks macros for my meal prep.

    Looking to do what every female wants. Perfect the glutes and lose the tummy.

    My upper body leans out insanely quick, every time.. Legs are muchhhh slower.

    I've been taking caffeine, green tea, acetyl l-carnitine, yohimbe for about a month now. Guy friend said to use 50mcg of T3 and Anavar to retain some muscle while I drop weight quicker. I've used Anavar once because of him for a few weeks before, but when I upped it to 10mg a day.. My chest started to break out.
    So I've been off it for a few weeks and my chest is SLOOOWWLLLYYYY clearing up. However, I'm ready to get this nonsense done now. He suggested adding in T3.

    Wanted to see if you guys thought 3 months of 50mcg of T3 and 5g of Anavar would do justice in trimming down my legs and tummy or if I should just live it up and go back to 10mg. As well as if I should continue to take the supps I'm currently on or drop those?

    Oh ya, I started birth control again. These pills won't mess it up right? #Noob #SomebodyHelp

  2. noel

    noel Top Contributor

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    ignore most guys advise legs come slower due to estrogen. you could use things like DIM for that (helps) plus increasing healthy fats like DHA/EPA and GLAs
    your throwing the kitchen sink at it. did he explain all the possible side effects first? most likely not
    get your diet under control first... yohimbine will help with brown fat BUT it can make you hold some water (common with ladies) ...any pics to assess - especially before even giving advice on drugs to a female
    T3 is highly abused by females (especially competitors) - though lots of women have minor thyroid issues to begin with.

    at 18% BF you really don't have a need IMO....not for var - giving it breaks you out on top of the potential sides

    before taking thyroid meds I would get a proper blood test / thyroid test done.

    proper training, a decent diet, not going crazy on cardio and some time (more than a month) will yield results.

    Anavar wont make you drop weight quicker either - in fact it could well be the oppositie and youll hold water

    if its legs AND tummy then to me that's just implying your BF is too high... lean (abs) but softish upper legs is common for ladies (especially those with latino or African backgrounds) but add in the 'tummy' and guesswork is its just a case of you needing to be consistent

    pics will help a lot re this assessment but from what you have written that's the first few things that spring to mind
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  3. Ripped_to_bits

    Ripped_to_bits Full Member

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    Listen too this man
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