Test Results Skew Reading?

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    So currently on prescribed nebido from nhs and have been for around six years now, have bloods pulled twice per year and always make sure I’m “clean” for at least eight weeks before and only shirt esters if I am cycling.

    I also add in 50mg of Deca per week for around 14-20 weeks of the year on top of this and bloods have always been ok but my testosterone level on the last panel came back at 49.7 n/mol

    That has baffled me and also my GP who has wrote to the endocrinologist now and rightly so (in their eyes)

    very worried but also puzzled how?

    obvious answers would be the deca is actually test or has some test in it but it’s pure and I know it is deca only.

    Any ideas please chaps?
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    I think Deca shoes up as testosterone on a blood test, like tren shows up as estrogen.
    Could be wrong though.
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    looks like you have the same trt protocol as me.
    I don't so much just use short ester stuff in-between, but try and be clear several weeks prior to bloods. Been caught out with a random test though and had to have a 'chat' with my gp :)
    Decca will hang around ages though, as I'm sure you are aware even with small dosage it's not going to make any difference.
    A very quick Google found this so I'm sure a bit of time will get you more info but this MPMD guy seems pretty good tbf.


    following thread as cycling around trt and blood tests is relevant to my interests :whistling:
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