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    Brief description: male, 54 from Norway. Have trained on and off since I was 14-15, really regret not being consistent. Could make up excuses for it, but no point now. 178 cm and 85 kg.

    Not training and seeing muscles shrink is not fun and no option for me, so have now been at it regularly since January 2nd. I suddenly had a back prolapse in 2015 and felt it ever since, but training with weights really helps and it's not such a big issue anymore. Must be careful with the selection of exercises though. Aside from that I am painfree which is wonderful because I had pain in my delts for many years until a chiropractor in Crimea fixed it, like 7 years ago.

    Now I train 3-4 times a week and it's wonderful. I make consistent strength gains, still increase reps or weight on every session which is such an inspiration. Size also slowly increase, 2 cm. on upper arm since January. Stepped it up a notch recently with a clean diet and no alcohol for the past 50 days :-) I set myself short-term goals based on what I've done before. I've keep my training diaries since 1985 to compare with where I'm at now.

    3-way split. Will occasionally write down here, when there's some new improvements, but not every workout as that's too tedious.

    7. september:

    1. Full squat: 45 kg. x8 (first and real careful because of my back prolapse)
    2. Thigh Extensions: 27,5 kg. x 12,11,10,9
    3. Leg Curls: 17,5 kg. x 12,11,10,9
    4. Toe Raises in Machine: 127,5 kg. x 20,20,20,20,20,20
    5. Front Pulldowns: 40 kg. x 14,13,12,11
    6. Cable Rows: 55 kg. x 11,10,9,8
    7. Barbell Wrist Curls: 37,5 kg. x 12,10,7

    9. september:

    1. Lying Rotator Cuff: 2 kg. x 25,25
    2. On Bench Rotator Cuff: 2 kg. x 12,12
    3. Barbell Bench Press: 85 kg. x 6,5,4
    4. Barbell Bench Press: 65 kg. x 12,11,10
    5. Dumbell Side Laterals: 10 kg. x 12,11,10,9
    6. Bent over Dumbell Side Laterals: 7,5 kg. x 14,13,12,11

    11. september:

    1. Lying Barbell Curl & Press: 46 kg. x 8,7,6,6
    2. Triceps Pushdowns: 30 kg. x 10,9,8,7
    3. Incline Dumbell Curls:
    25 kg. x 4, 22,5 kg. x 6, 20 kg. x 8,7, 17,5 kg. x 10,9, 15 kg. x 12,11, 12,5 kg. x 14,13
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