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    As this has been requested by a few people here it is:

    An overall transformation contest, so allows for people trying to gain muscle and people trying to lose fat.

    Entries will be open for two weeks (January 10th - January 24th) to allow plenty of time.

    Like with previous competitions all finishers will receive a free t-shirt. If at least 10 people enter and 3 finish then I will arrange a prize for the winner.

    For anyone who's not familiar with our transformation contests, the idea is that you post up a picture of yourself, work your butt off to make a big change to your physique, post an after picture and a vote is held to decide the winner.

    Full Details & Rules

    Entries can be submitted from Jan 10th, however please make sure to check the proof of date details before uploading photos. The competition will run until the 28th of February. Finishing pictures must be uploaded before or on the 28th of February. This is a strict cut off date.

    The cut off for entries is Jan 24th, however the earlier you enter, the more of an advantage you will have.

    Competitors may finish the competition early and still have their entry considered at the end. To do so they must make it clear that this is what they wish to do and post up their 'After' photos that they wish to be used for comparison (with a proof of date image) at the time of their dropping out. This is to take account of holidays, business trips etc, so no excuses for not entering!

    Where To Enter
    Here! All start and finish pictures should be posted in this thread.

    Taking Photos
    At the end of the competition the result will be judged on a comparison between before and after photos, therefore you need to try and ensure the photos are of reasonable quality and allow for fair judging. In the past we have had problems judging entries (and people have lost out) due to:
    - Bad lighting or inconsistent lighting in 'before' and 'after' photos.
    - Inconsistent posing in 'before' and 'after' photos.
    - No proof of date.

    Common sense applies but please ensure photos are full body and the more photos and angles the better. For instance if you're going for fat loss a side on picture will probably demonstrate this better than one face on. When posting up the 'after' pictures, have a quick check of your 'before' photos, so that you can try and pose in the same way, as often a small difference in posing can make a big difference to how you look.

    The key thing to remember is to keep the before and after photos consistent. Failing to do so may harm your chances of placing well.

    IMPORTANT: Proof of Date
    Either our proof of date QR code or another clear proof of date MUST be included in one of your start and finish photos that clearly displays your full physique. The proof of date method (if not using the QR code) must not show a date before Jan 10th.

    Example of acceptable proof of date methods:
    - QR Code supplied below
    - Newspaper
    - Laptop displaying news website
    - Phone/tablet displaying news website (as long as you're close enough to camera for it to be clear)

    Writing the date on a piece of paper and holding it up isn't acceptable as it's too easy to fake.

    If using the QR code provided, it can be displayed on your phone, tablet, laptop or printed out. I will scan the code to confirm your entry. The scanning works even if the quality isn't perfect and the image is quite small but obviously it has it's limits so please try to upload an image that's relatively in focus and not too small!

    Please click on it to enlarge and then hold up on your tablet, laptop, phone or display on your TV. If you would like to print the code please click on the attached PDF file.

    The QR code can be used for both your start and finish pictures, so is recommended.

    Click on code to enlarge:

    At the end of the competition I will gather all members 'before' and 'after' photos and put them into one thread to make judging nice and easy. The final say will be had by the forum members in a poll.

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    Bumping this up as I'm unsure how many have seen it.
    Come on everyone get involved. Only 6 odd weeks. I'll start tagging people in to annoy them and force them. Starts with @doink @Fatbrah get the ball rolling edit and you @JANIKvonD
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  3. Guest

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    I cba meself like
    Physique aint a priority more into strength and nt worryin aba it
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  4. Mr mac

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    Good time for little fatloss and recomp whilst you heal. @RACK hes always good for a comp
    I'm going purely for fatloss based on the fact I barely ever lift anymore through a million injuries.
  5. tomlet1

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    I would but comp in 9 weeks so need to stuff my fat face
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    I'll do it and get pics up...

    Physique hasn't been priority last few months but time to start reigning stuff in. Been following a regimented diet last few weeks.

    Not planning to lose too much weight so not expecting to end up anywhere near shredded, but a little recomp would be good.
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    Not for me, got other priorities over trying to look any better and the power belly is required :lol:
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    My start pics are in my journal
    Pushing for some size so goal is lean mass for this comp
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  9. Sjundea

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    Think you've got this in the bag before it even starts. Looking in very good condition!
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  10. SoCalGirl

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    Disappointing words from a committee member
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  11. Sjundea

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    I'm pre empting his willingness to follow a protocol religiously.
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  12. Guest

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    Never assume
    It makes a “ass” out of “u” and ‘me”
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    Haha that's actually pretty good, not heard that before!
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    I cnt build muscle but i can build ur brain

    Fatbrah approved
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    @Simon how do I use that QR code.

    Take a pic on another phone of my screen ?
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