Trt Enanthate Vs Sustanon

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    started with nebido i think at 12 weeks then 10 now been at 8 for a long while.
    But that's kinda the point I always try and make trt is a long term commitment to get right and its just a replacement of natural levels. It chaps my ass how trt is seen as 200mg+ a week etc. Semantics I guess. If you're used to 750mg + of gear which has effected your own test production ( which is very often the reason to need trt ) then 'normal' levels aren't going to feel very normal, which is exactly what you want for longevity imo.
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    According to Broderick Chavez, it was designed to be used post surgery 1 single shot. Blend of esters so it’s effective immediately and slightly longer term.
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    Thanks everyone, I've learnt a lot from reading all of your comments.

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    did you have to inject nibido only once even at the beginning or did you have to top it up to get a build up with in the 8 weeks ? Also how is the e2 conversion ? Do you need a ai ? I’m asking this to make a decision to possibly experiment with nibido but I am e2 sensitive. Even on 125 test e I need 0.5 arimidex
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    no mate, as I recall 1 shot come and see us in 12 weeks, bloods taken another shot of nebido in after those 12 weeks.
    Blood results came in, levels lower than desired at 12 weeks come back and see us 10 weeks after last shot.
    10 weeks bloods taken another shot in.
    Bloods back in, still too low back in 8 weeks following last shot.
    Back in after 8 weeks bloods taken, shot in.
    Bloods back, endo happy with test level at that point and all other markers.
    Maintain 8 week intervals with regular bloods.

    Then bloods down to every 6 months, then after a while yearly.

    no Ai no estrogen issues i physically notice but this is obvs amongst other markers bloods are taken to monitor.

    not sure why youre thinking you'd need to initially top it up ?