What’s The First Exercise You Did When You First Joined A Gym

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by vetran, Nov 6, 2021.

  1. vetran

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    Barbel curls for me followed by bench press fck every other body part :)
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  2. Simon90

    Simon90 Moderator

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    Bench press, couldn't even press the Olympic Bar lol had to use one of those thin ones
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  3. Brian Multigym

    Brian Multigym Full Body Routine. Full Member

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    Long time ago Vet, but it will have been barbell curls. Though first day at the gym, the owner had you start on the exercise bike.

    Did you go in the gym straightaway on your first visit? There was only one gym when I started and I think the first time I got to the door I had second thoughts...
  4. Reacher

    Reacher Moderator

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    not sure of first exercise but owner took me through a full body workout, think he tried to kill me, I was fucked.
    not sure how he thought that was good for recruiting members :think::lol:
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  5. Brian Multigym

    Brian Multigym Full Body Routine. Full Member

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    Same with me when I think back! :D
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  6. Richard Dick

    Richard Dick Top Contributor

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    One arm dumbbell rows with knee on bench.
  7. noel

    noel Moderator

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    haha I remember thinking how heavy an Olympic bar was and the goal was to have a whole 20kg each side
  8. Sjundea

    Sjundea Moderator

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    I remember the gym I first started in had a separate room for the squat racks and free weight benches (bench press, military press rack etc).
    I didn’t set foot in it for months through fear of embarrassment so I started on machines and sub 30kg dbs only.
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  9. ILLBehaviour

    ILLBehaviour Full Member

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    Can't remember the first exercise but remember using mostly machines and having no clue how to train. Only really remember venturing into the free weight section to do curls back then.
    Didn't have no proper routine, just used to go and do mostly chest press and curls or shoulder press and leg press if I felt like mixing it up a bit.
  10. Aleksandr

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    First time I joined gym when I was 12 years old.
    It was amazing I remember I did ask the owner of the gym how to train? (He also was professional bodybuilder) He said just try all the mashines in the gym and stuff and see how it feels so I started I was training around 6 hours then before I was leaving at home Sarunas ( owner's name) called me and said what I was u doing all this 6 hours? U think u was building muscles? U was just destroying them u need to go eat and sleep and then come back and we will start training properly. I did came back he got me training system and I was supervised all the time and also asking everyone questions and techniques all the time hahaha so in about one week time my mum came to pick me up and latter she told me that Sarunas came to her and was apologize that first day he was to hard on me and she said what do u mean? He didn't tell me anything? And he was like oh I was thinking that why u came :D and he told her that he never seen someone training like that every day for so many hours and because I was to young they didn't want me in the gym and was thinking I will try and go away but because I didn't they gave me proper training and all that good stuff and that was my first year training every day basically and I did crazy progress to be honest. And learned alot about training and nutrition. Started to count protein carbs and fat and my journey begins )))
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  11. pooley1810

    pooley1810 Moderator

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    Arms n chest every session
    Typical weekend warrior just wanting to look good at the bar or on the beach
    Had no idea of training back and played football regularly so had that excuse for not training legs
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  12. AnimalLifter

    AnimalLifter Full Member

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    First time in gym i done BB Curls then hit the Cable Machines.

    Didnt even entertain the idea of getting on one them bike things.

    my First home Workout - curling stuff ... 10Kg was my 1 rep max haaaa... 1 push up and i was done...Now, i am the Machine!!
  13. Stokesy

    Stokesy Full Member

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    First gym session I trained legs, was probably 14-15 years old. Haven’t trained them since
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  14. mal

    mal Top Contributor

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    Friday night was bench night up the youth club
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  15. GhostOf2Can

    GhostOf2Can Top Contributor

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    Bench press and squats was my first session

    My dad started out training me so it was pretty basic stuff
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