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What Labs Are Around?


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Haven't used for a while and when I was on cycle it was stuff I'd had saved for a while so I'm abit out of the loop

Simple question is what labs are around and what's good to go?
GSL are always decent

Just got hold of some Dimensions labs Mast E so will report on that shortly
SIS seems stop on. Only used their test 400 so far but giving their tren a try starting next week
Anybody using PharmaCo gear? was using Biotech-Pharmaclinico gear but my source dried up so was gonna try some Pharma if it's gtg. thnx
I've been happy with gsl, balkan and medtech for a bit now. Would happily use rohm and ap also. Also recently dabbled in a bit of am-tech tren e at the end of last cycle and that was gtg also.