What Needs To Change?

Discussion in 'Supplements' started by mattrobins0n, Apr 28, 2018.

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    I have high energy yet my muscle recovery time has gotten a lot worse recently. What do I need to change in my diet or supps?
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    In what respect? Recovery between sets? Between Workouts?
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    need more info
  4. mattrobins0n

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    Between workouts, I used to be recovered by the next day. Whereas my muscles are in pain for a few days.
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    Has your training changed? Shorter rests between sets, slower reps, and especially slower negatives or forced negatives can all significantly increase muscle damage and slow the recovery rate. Also if you've increased your total training volume significantly then you might simply be doing too much.

    Nutritionally fatigue can be from not enough carbs, not enough protein or just not enough calories in general. A diet really lacking in fruit and veg and antioxidants in general can also leave you excessively inflamed for longer. A little post workout inflammation is important for adaptation, but excess is definitely not desirable or beneficial either for adaptation or recovery.

    Lack of sleep could also be a problem.

    Best to identify the issue before looking for solutions.
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    Training hasn't changed nor the peroids. Lack of sleep could be a factor, I don't count my calories currently maybe I should start. But the variety in my diet is pretty good.
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  7. huntingground

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    Any change in gear.
    Change in training intensity/length of workouts.
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    I assume, because you are concerned enough to post about it, that the change in fatigue is considerable.

    If no major changes in training, lifestyle, and nutrition seems to be ok, then perhaps it might be worth getting some blood work done. Just take a trip to your GP and tell them you are experiencing inappropriate fatigue after exertion. They'll probably immediately think diabetes, which I'm not at all saying it is, but they'll likely test for it - take advantage and ask them to do a lipids and testosterone reading too while they are at it. If nothing found then great, but worth getting those tests done anyway just to know.

    Otherwise just make sure nutrition (and fluids as huntingground says) is sorted and try to get a little more sleep/rest. Also try not to take too much caffeine or too many stim type sports drinks/ supplements. They can cause exhaustion come-downs.
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    if your not sleeping as well of course recovery will be impaired..... for sure.
    calories also will impact recovery

    you say nothing has changed so assuming your eating the same kind of diet just not counting macros?

    still for me - point 1 - sleep. im shit without enough sleep so im guessing its that.

    once your sleep returns to normal see if recovery improves...it should do
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