When The Last 6 Weeks Go Wrong...


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Anyone else see this yet?


And my personal favourite quote

Kelvin is a good lad tbh and runs a cracking gym

Holla fattyb tbh guy looks like he has aids

He said somewhere in the post that he was going to offer to coach the guy for free but he'd already picked up a new coach.
The guy was eating 1200-1400 calories of protein only and doing 2 hours of cardio a day I think he said somewhere! Guy coaching him told him he'd fill out before the show.

He did still get second!
1. Fuck off Joe Jeffery you mong-faced cunt.

2. Donald Lawson is clearly also retarded if he a) listened to the advice given and b) carried on doing it when he saw his physique go down the pan.

3. I'm sure having a coach is just a fad nowadays. For cunts.

4. I'm definitely not in a bad mood today :lol:
Few people piping up on an fb group sayin it was his peak week that went wrong.... BULLSHIT

Lads been under fed, over cardio'd and over stimmed
hahaha 1200 calories... sorry but if this is real and the guy looked like he did in the first place why the fuck did he not think hmmmmm calories of a bikini competitor .......maybe something isn't right...... oh lets do lots of cardio on top too.... if this is a before and after you can see he has eaten himself away.... peak week...nonsense that's taken a lot longer than a week to destroy the muscle he had....

glad JJ pipped up, needs an authoritarian post on there to valid it and give knowledgable insight