2019 How's It Been So Far ?

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    Bit of a unusual year for me so far tbh

    The good
    Recovered from a really bad illness,started my own trt which is going well,business has been strong sold a lot of statics,Finally got back training,My mam has finally decided to make the move over here,a couple of residents who were a pain in the ass tbh have sold up and fcuked off,got a new pup,quit valium,bought a digger and finally can see a end in sight to a shit load of work as grafted my arse off this year.

    The bad
    A friend of mine died on site not so long ago under mysterious circumstances not sure what the hell happened tbh,all the graft has done me in,been under a shit load of stress getting things sorted,the stress has made my Mrs menopause hit new heights, lot of tension between us,insomnia has surfaced,started drinking again,just when I started to get my training back on track came down with strep throat that fcuked that right up,electric upgrade is taking a fcukin age to get sorted,just basically bloody tired of it all.

    Never run a mobile home site LOL

    So how's your year going?
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    Wonderful... 3yrs on and my twathead step-son and dumfuk GF still can't be trusted with their son (our grandson) and looks like Social will be having to up their game on them again. No idea why they keep tolerating them, they should just remove the poor kid. Mrs finally has her hip op but has spent the last 2 years in agony. She's also on so many meds she has all sorts of other issues. If this op is a success tho it will mean a full replacement can be avoided. Her health issues and he problems with our grandson put a lot of stress and strain on our relationship. Colleague at work (of 18 years) died last month, only 45 and a young family) so that's been quite a tough one to deal with, especially with it happening at work as none of us here have had any reprieve mentally or emotionally. Also had to deal with the uncomfortable awkwardness of that situation resulting in me getting a promotion and pay rise, not even been a month yet, makes you realise how uncomfortably brutal the wider world is surrounding these thing.

    So.... a mixed bag. But at least I am well in myself
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    Most chaotic year of my life. To summarise

    Lost my job, my apartment, lost
    My gf. Become IV drug and alcohol and benzl dependant blew 20k savings, overdosed on dnp end of Feb (1.8g ish) no idea how I pulled through.

    Now new flat, new Mrs, new job. Don’t drink, odd dabble and I mean dabble in mild recs.

    Back training, feeling good, positive about the future. Starting life again really.

    Lucky and thankful for the second chance before it was too late
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