Advice much needed on Training Routine & Diet !!!

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    Hi Guys
    After reading with interest and getting back into the gym ! Much advice is needed please if anyone can help.....
    I have 3/4 days to train and in the morning from 06:30am until 08:00am, I can train only in the mornings Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs and some friday mornings.
    I want to loose body fat and make leans gains. I have been thinking about doing a full body workout every other day but again much advice is needed on which path to go down. If any one can help with a good routine and diet this will be mostly appreciated :)
    Additional supplements are also available to help with the routine ;-)
    THANKS in advance guys :)
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    Diet? Age? Job? Activity level? Bodyfat? Weight? Height?
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    Hey buddy, welcome to the forums :)

    OK first point I'd make it to pick ONE goal....lose fat OR build muscle.  Trying to serve two masters at once rarely works well, or as I say "trying to ride two horses with one arse".  So my first advice it to pick a specific goal and set out a period of time to work towards it, say 8-12 weeks.


    See above.


    Once you have decided what the goal is, you need a plan or strategy to get you to that goal.

    For resistance training, I'd start with 3 days per week....pull, push, legs is still a great way to train.

    Day 1: Pull

    Day 2: Push

    Day 3: Legs

    If you're training 4 days or even 5 (I'd recommend sticking with 3-4), just start the cycle over on day if you do Monday: Pull, Tuesday: Push and then Legs the 3rd day, on the 4th day, start over again with Pull.  Just keep going through the cycle regardless of the days you train.  This means, some weeks you might train pull, push or legs 2x per week.


    So now you have the "routine", you need to set out what exercises to do.

    Pick 3 exercises for each training day

    Pull - Deadlifts, Rows, Chins/or Pulldowns

    Push - Barbell press (either flat, incline or decline), DB press (either shoulder press, flat or incline), Dips

    Legs - Squats or Leg Press, Hamstring Curls

    Don't get fancy - just pick a handful of basic compound exercises (stick to free-weights primarily).


    If you're new to training (I have no idea your experience level, strength...etc.)...start each lift with the empty bar.  

    Starting weight = Empty bar for 6 reps

    Keep adding weight, 5-10kg each side per set until you hit a hard set.  Keep the reps the same....6 reps.  Repeat 2-3 times once you reach your top end weight (work sets).

    Don't worry about the number of sets initially, just keep adding 5-10kg until you reach a weight that feels challenging without grinding the weight up.  Don't worry if the first workout seems easy, the idea here is to build on each workout progressively.

    I recommend lower reps for people starting out for a couple of reasons....1) it allows you to learn proper technique without fatigue build up...beginners shouldn't train to failure right off the bat 2) It allows heavier weights to be used to build a base level of strength which you can eventually increase the repetitions/volume with.

    So here is an example:


    1) Empty bar x 6

    2) Add 5kg each side - 30kg x 6

    3) Add 5kg each side - 40kg x 6

    4) Add 5kg each side - 60kg x 6

    5) Add 5kg each side - 70kg x 6....first work set

    6) 70kg x 6

    7) 70kg x 6

    Once you have completed that, reduce the weight by 15kg and do one more set for slightly more repetitions - 8-12 reps.

    8) 55kg x 8-10 reps

    Move on to the next exercise...

    Next workout, add 2.5kg-5kg to your top set weight.  In the example above, that would be 72.5-75kg.

    Milk this process for as long as you can....once you stall, reduce the weights back by 2 weeks.

    For example - let's say you are able to add weight for 3 - 5 weeks straight and you're now up to squatting 80kg.   Drop that weight back to 75kg and start over.

    -Top set weights -

    Week 1) 70kg

    Week 2) 72.5kg

    Week 3) 75kg

    Week 4) 77.5kg

    Week 5) 80kg

    Week 6) 75kg - deload


    If your goal is to lose is a very basic guideline.  Again, this is very general because I know nothing about your stats.

    1) Eat 4-6 smaller meals per day

    2) At each meal try to eat a basic protein source primarily - chicken, eggs, fish, lean beef.....about 2 palm sized portions per meal.

    3) At each meal eat a few fistful sized portions of fibrous vegetables - broccoli, kale, asparagus, green beans

    4) Eat a small amount of starchy carbohydrates with 3 or 4 of your meals per day - about a cupped handful size - small portion of rice, potatoes, oats.  (about 20-25g of carbs)

    5) Throw in a few eggs yolks and a couple of handfuls of nuts with 2 of your meals per day.  That's your fats.


    After each weights workout....go over to the recumbent or upright bike.  Hop on, warm up for 5 minutes at a steady pace.

    After 5 minutes, crack up the resistance to around a level 15....pedal as hard and fast as you can for 20-25 seconds all out....knock the level back down to 1 or stop pedaling completely.   Rest as long as you need for you to bring your heart rate back down and catch your breath.  Repeat this 6 times....think of these as "sets".  Don't over-think the rest to work ratio, just rest as long as you need to get your oxygen back (don't be lazy though).

    Each set you do on these should be of equal quality in want to maintain the same revolutions per minute.  If you start stalling, you haven't rested long enough.  This is HIIT training, not aerobics.  The goal with this kind of cardio is to build great mitochondria density and up-regulate all the hormones and mechanisms to turn you into a fat burning machine :)


    Make sure you sleep/rest as much as you can.  This is very underrated, but critical.  If you're only getting 6hours sleep right now, there is no need to be thinking about supplements, potions or's not going to help you.  Get the extra 2 hours first and eating FOOD...before worrying about spending money on supplements.


    3 basic supplements to help...

    Multi-Vitamin or Greens/Fruit & Vegetable Powder

    Omega 3's

    Whey Protein


    This is a very general guideline, but do that for 8-12 weeks and you'll be pleasantly surprised.  It's simple...nothing fancy.  Just basic, consistent work.
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    Hi Gator

    Diet = Not bad but could be improved

    Age = 40

    Activity Level = Office based then on site from fri - sun

    Bodyfat = No Idea

    Weight = 14 stone

    Height = 5ft10
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    Forgot to mention that i will want to go for building muscle first and the after i have reached what i am after then i will go for the latter.

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    How about losing the bodyfat first then build the muscle?

    Only saying this as when you diet you will probably/definitely lose muscle aswell .

    When you build muscle you will gain a bit of fat because you need the calories to build muscle. Muscle won't grow well if your calories are in deficit
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    OK mate, thanks...

    In that case, the main variable I'd change to the above guidelines would be the nutrition and cardio component.  More food, less cardio.

    Same principles, just vary the quantity...

    The goal is to gradually train your metabolism to process more food. Start with what you can eat and add calories every week or two, making sure that your training supports the increasing intake.

    Toss in a little more carbs around your training to fuel your workouts and to help prevent catabolism. Steer clear of white flour foods and stick with oats, rice, potatoes as your primary carb sources.

    If you're still struggling to gain weight....then you can also switch to higher fat % proteins which are more calorie dense.  Chicken thighs rather than breast, whole eggs, salmon, 88% lean minced beef.

    Some brief high-intensity interval training (HIIT) training sessions here and there are still beneficial as they can help accelerate recovery by increasing blood flow, clearing lactic acid and reducing muscle soreness.  I often like to do these the morning after leg day, intervals on the bike to aid recovery.