Best exercise for "dem wings"

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    So to fly like Franco what exercise wouls you say is best for lat width provding waist is tight.

    I am assuming 99% of answers will be some form of pull up but which one wohld you advise, use?

    OH WG 

    OH WG Behind neck



    I am going for the latter as max stretch and no direct bicep involvement +anything OH WG is well fukkin hard.
  2. SteamroD

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    wide grip chins last set a few negatives

    BB row OH

  3. s man

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    Bent bb row with a deep stretch before pulling it up under controller.

    Seated mid row machine done one hand at a time so you can get an epic pull and stretch before coming up and holding the contraction.
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    I put my back development squarely at the feet of deadlifts. Yes, some pullups but not like I'm hanging from a bar every week.

    get your pull up to the 300 mark and you'll have wings
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    Interestimg above mate.

    Hmm deads used to be my thing as in the only movement I am naturally strong at being short, strong hams and looooooong monkey arms,

    When I 1st got to Thailand 4 years ago I had alot of comments from decent guys regarding back thickness/detail including lower.

    With a view to never start off my bicep tendonitus I'd always start my workouts with Deads down to PLin reps-10,8,6,4,2

    B/o rows DY style then t bar rows before Pull up or pulldown work.

    However under what I considered superior tutorage I dropped my ego led low rep deads and legs once every2 weeks to encorage more recovery to get nutrients to my flagging arms and delts and allow the extra volume work needed.

    My trainer telling me since I never tried a 2rm on bench or squats why do it on deads.

    Also he was very old school with B/O rows and my weight cut in half doing it Arnie lat style.

    I still do deads first but partials only.

    I've never a held a decent chin up,protocol bringing my numbers.

    I know old skool 50s/60s guys - Reeves & Larry scott lacked thickness but advocated a lot of chin up/pull up workmfor wing work.

    Arnolds encyclopedia says work your way up WG OH to 3 x 50!

    I bet none of us has ever met anyone that can do 1 x 50.
  6. Gator

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    Lat width = underhand grip or neutral grip pull ups/chins or pulldowns + heavy rows and deadlifts.

    Most guys I know who deadlift heavy have pretty good upper back development (traps, rhomboids...etc.) but I think to maximize development you need more direct work.  Of course, it's largely genetic, but I've never seen a major correspondance between increasing my deadlift and lat development.  Perhaps, that might be a different story if I was repping 300kg or something though.

    Ultimately, I don't think there is ONE exercise you can do to maximize development because everyone is different in terms of body structure...etc.

    However, I will say that I think too many people worry about exercise selection way more than they do about progressive overload.  You're not going to see a dude who can row 300+ lbs strict, deadlift 500-600+ for reps and do chins with an extra 20-40kg for reps with a small back IMO. 

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  7. Drago

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    Snatch pulls! Woop
  8. Roy@/_

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    1 arm barbell rows I really like.

    Nautilus machine is awesome.

    Hammer sstrength high row is good.
  9. ethanUK

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    Gator agree but some PLER has mega thick back but do not appear to have width.....however this could be because they dont emphasis any waist control or side delt iso to widen their top half so I could be wrong.

    All I know IMe 5 years back whilst training completely differently in the UK full floor deads down to 2reps was a back day staple.

    I phased that out at my mentors request, he said now and then,,ike monthly if I wanted to test my strength but at 37y.o as I was then (41 now) the recovery debt was too high but was fine with a wider grip (see you tube Milos sarcev) rackpull for lats.

    So my max now would be about 120k from from the floor weighing 200Ibs.....5years ago I maxed out at 230kg so you can see how much different the training works but my legs although as big now are all show and have no drive.

    Again my mentor as explained above got me to lessen the intensityand vo,ume of my leg days and train then E2W so I could priortise arms and shoulders.

    I am interesrted to see if my back becomes as "thick" without deads though but I still B/O row Arnie angle and T-bar.
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    Lat pulldowns and deads. I say pulldowns over pullups, because you'll be able to do more reps.