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  1. Kratos

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    Out 100%
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    Well its happened! Must admit i didnt sleep well next night as it was playing on my mind, voted Leave. Also heard before i went to bed UKIP said its likely we'd stay in. So when i got up at 630 and turned the TV on i was in total shock!
    Glad we're out, glad we have, eventually at least, get your country back and control over ourselves.

    also glad WW3 hasnt broken out, ruin my weekend.

    and all the scaremongering about markets crashing.....FTSE is only down around 2.5% currently, the £ is 12cents down on the Dollar and rallying back.

    think this well trigger a domino effect with other countries in the EU. Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, watch them beg for theyre own referendum. Apparently 45% of Europeans want one.
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    To be honest the EU caused it. If someone comes to you saying something isn't working for them and you stone wall them, then they have two options, either they didn't really mean it and they make themselves out to be completely weak, or they take drastic action.

    Something wasn't working, else there wouldn't have been any appetite for it in the first place.

    I see they are trying to force a quick exit. I imagine because they want to put others off by making it particularly difficult.