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Case study 2 for female AAS use - Must read!

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Irish Beast, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Moderator

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    This response was written by a former pro and is a real eye opener even to me!

    1. Are you a competitor, recreational  trainer, former competitor or former 

    Former competitor

    2. Who / What was your inspiration to become muscular

    I just realised i could stand out and look in a way i had never imagined was a 

    real possibility

    3. How old where you when you first used AAS?

    Late 20s

    4. What made you want to use AAS?

    I saw that other people were doing it, i didn’t think too much about the risks, i 

    just wanted a quick route to how i wanted to look

    5. What was your first cycle (if you can remember)?


    6. Which compounds have you used (again list what you can remember)?

    Anavar, primo, winstrol , proviron, HGH

    7. What side effects did you notice, try and match the side effects to compounds 

    where possible?

    I felt more powerful and aggressive on cycle. In honestly, i became more self 

    absorbed and more ‘up myself’. I started getting very intolerant with ‘mere 

    mortals’ and considered myself superior, i suppose, just because of my body 

    and achievements. I’m embarrassed to admit it now. I also made some very 

    bad impulsive decisions which put me in physical and emotional danger  I 

    think steroids bring out aspects in your character which are probably always 

    there, but they get a freer rein when you are on gear. I mean, sex hormones 

    affect character, you only need to look at pmt or a guy on PCT to know it 

    changes how you perceive the world. Possibly I had worse pre-existing 

    characteristics than other people might, but all i know is I started out in gear 

    as a happy little thing, the ‘smiler’ of the gym, but ended up with a constant 

    bad mood and a face that looked like a slapped arse!

    My first cycle of anavar i noticed the condition of my hair was affected, it 

    started to go a bit fuzzy and frizzy.After i came off i noticed increased acne on 

    face and back

    When i briefly tried winstrol i got huge scales of dandruff and acne so stopped 

    fairly quickly

    By this point i was determined to keep using AAs because of the results i was 

    getting in terms of my body shape and size. My acne increased and i went to 

    doctors and dermatologists trying to deal with it medically. For some reason i 

    thought it was worth it to have the muscles, but whats the good of having nice 

    back muscles if they’re covered in acne and your face is a mess?

    The more i used aas the thicker and darker my body hair grew, and the 

    frizzier the hair on my head became. I started to get facial hair but refused to 

    see it in the mirror, was like, if i actually tried to get rid of the hair, it would be 

    like admitting i had this embarrassing side effect. One day i gave in and 

    waxed my chin and was horrified to see just how many hairs came away in 

    the wax. I started laser hair removal treatments. The beautician, looking at the 

    hair pattern and acne told me “You must have polycystic ovaries”

    The laser treatments could barely manage the hair growth as i was still using 

    primo. I didn’t want to give it up.

    Similarly, hairdressers puzzled over the condition of my hair saying “It looks 

    like a hormonal imbalance, “ (as with pregnancy when hair can fall out or get 


    On primo half way through contest prep my voice started to crack but i tried to 

    deny it – I couldn’t stop now!! and it was only when i got mistaken for a man 

    on the phone that i realised , yes, it was undeniable, i had that weird ‘gear 


    My clitoris, of course, grew while i was on cycle. To begin with it would go 

    back down after but after a few cycles it certainly seemed that it wasn’t quite 

    returning to its pre-cycle state....but by now i had jumped over to ‘the other 

    side’ and was fully immersed with the positive strokes i was getting from the 

    bodybuilding world. I reasoned that i was in that world now and that any 

    partner i had, would accept my side effects as normal in a female bodybuilder 

    . I also convinced myself that the effects were not as bad as they were

    I got to a point where i had the choice to up my game in the sport which would 

    mean heavier cycles. I realised that I was on the edge of giving my body over 

    totally to steroids. I would make changes from which there were no going 

    back. Much as i was encouraged to, i decided enough was enough. I didn’t 

    want to become a complete freak. Something in me warned that positives 

    don’t last forever, but negatives do

    8. What is the longest period you have stayed on cycle?

    Up to 16 weeks although i often didn’t have long off inbetween. I felt like i 

    didn’t want to be off.

    9. How many cycles have you run in total?


    10. Do you believe you have suffered any long term effects from your use?

    Yes i spent years and £££s going through various laser hair removal 

    treatments, which only began to work when i gave up gear totally. 

    The few years of gear and dieting seemed to have changed my face, I believe 

    i lost lost youthful /female fat patterns around my face and i became really 

    unhappy with the more masculine shape of it.  Maybe it was in my head, but 

    to my mind , pre gear i had more the look of my mother, and afterwards, I 

    could see my fathers facial features looking back at me. I actually had a nose 

    job as i was so unhappy with the way i felt my features had changed.

    I was incredibly fortunate that with time and natural hormonal changes of 

    pregnancy , my voice returned to near-normal, although my vocal range is 

    definitely still limited especially when singing, and when shouting(!) ..basically, 

    i cant shout out comfortably, which is socially limiting, sometimes you want to 

    shout for good reasons, or safety reasons- and i regret that i don’t have that 

    ease of use of my voice. Also I regret that while other mums sang sweet 

    lullabies to their babies, Iwas kind of growling them....

    You don’t know how you might come to regret the choices you made..

    On the downstairs stuff, which nobody likes to talk about , again i had extreme 

    consequences from my choices. After birth i was so unhappy with how i 

    looked ‘down there’ I actually went through surgery to look more ‘normal’. I am 

    ashamed that my quest for muscle perfection ended up with me putting myself 

    through such an unnecessary and potentially dangerous procedure, when i 

    should have had my mind on just being a mum

    11. Which meds did you find the most effective?

    Primo in terms of muscle growth and hardness

    12. Which meds did you find the least effective?

    HGH – lot of money for little benefit!

    13. Do you regret the decision to start using AAS, if so please elaborate

    I don’t regret it in that it took me to where i am in my life now, and i learned 

    some hard lessons which i needed to learn. I do regret it in that it led me to be 

    swallowed up in the dark side of bodybuilding and had severe consequences 

    on the rest of my life. 

    14. What is the best advice you can give to a female who has made the decision 

    to use AAS?

    Dont be like me. Dont ignore the side effects. You may not be in bodybuilding 

    forever, no matter how you feel right now

    15. Do you think the information currently available on internet forums / 

    magazines or any other media is accurate based on your experiences?

    I think the forums are factually correct but tend to play down the costs to other 

    aspects of your life,  including the spiritual damage.


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  2. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Administrator

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    That is a very good read and i must say being across several boards for many years that comes across as very honest and thought provoking.

    Kudos to the girl that did that.
  3. . Az .

    . Az . Elite Member

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    Good read. 
  4. Rudedog

    Rudedog Senior Member

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    That was a good bloody read
  5. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

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    Very interesting and very accurate imo.
  6. GymRatGresham

    GymRatGresham Elite Member

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    Very good read.
  7. Pip

    Pip Elite Member

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    No nonsense reply.

    Very thorough.

    Thank you.
  8. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Moderator

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    Will try and get a few more but its not easy, This one was particularly good though. 

    More will follow in due course but need to be selective as I will only let people I know personally answer this
  9. itsdave

    itsdave Elite Member

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    Very good read. Thanks
  10. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

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    Go to the chin waxing bit thinking I was reading about a bloke (as you do with gear on the internet, automatic assumption)

    Then I realised it was in fact a woman

    " waxed his chin??? Ohhhh... Oh of course, she's a woman "

    Great interview after that, really interesting and not something we often see discussed. Great info.
  11. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

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    Excellent read and again seems a very true and straight up account.
  12. Big ian

    Big ian Elite Member

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    Good read, very interesting, thanks to IB and the lass that got interviewed.....
  13. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

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    nice to have some proper info straight from the horses mouth, thanks IB and Miss Anonymous 
  14. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

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    just started my missus on 10mg AP var. Shes doing a 6-8 week cycle. First time shes used anything. See what happens......

    be lifting more than me maybe?  lol
  15. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Moderator

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    @Clubber Lang Maybe but your pants will still be tighter