Cauliflower / Broccoli Rice

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    Just wondering if anyone has tried either of these.

    I was introduced to them last week as the GF is doing keto. Have to say I was pretty impressed. Not that different to normal rice and obviously ultra low carbs.

    It is a fresh product unlike normal rice so will need to be eaten within a couple of days and the price is obviously higher than normal rice but it wont break the bank.

    I will be stocking up on it as soon as I can. Could possibly be frozen - Dont see why not. I love rice so this eases the craving and won't carb me up. Also getting extra iron which can't be bad.

    Anyone else tried or got experience of other weird/wacky foods that preferably are low carb and tasty?
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    I tried a cauliflower based pizza a while back (can't remember if it was by accident or because it was dirt cheap on the reduced aisle - probably both) and other than a slightly cauliflower like after taste, which is no surprise, it really wasn't bad at all.

    But I still needed to get some carbs in!
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    Well when I get the initial pain of training over I can tweak the diet.

    Loose idea is as below for training days. Can vary a lot depending what we have in. Having 6 in the house means I cant do a shop for me unless I but another fridge freezer and we don't have the space. Might do soon if I can flog a fish tank. Macros vary with brand so are guesstimates. GF shops at Aldi and their stuff is just as good and about half the price

    8am Breakfast 50g oats, banana, protein shake. Shake may be swapped to protein pancakes if I can be arsed (30g carbs, 25g protein, 5g fat)

    11am - Train

    Midday - Protein shake (25g protein)

    1pm - 2 chicken fillets and a medium baked potato and mixed veg (bit of mayo or butter in there) (50g carbs, 60 grams protein, 15gram fat)

    4pm - Shake and low carb fruit, apple for example (25g protein)

    7pm - Tea - which basically is what she cooked but always healthy. Chicken, fish etc with loads of greens and I would be looking to reduce carbs here (not drop them) as thats when I tend to gorge (50g carbs, 50g protein, 10g fat)

    10am. Mackerel or tuna with cashews (20g protein, 30g fat)

    130g carbs, 205g protein, 85g fat - Seems a reasonable starting point as I want to gain and drop some lard. I have added in the daily lager allowance in there which tend to be about 500 empty calories

    That should be okay as a rough guide though as I said before it will change cos I cant eat the same thing every day. Can drop carbs easily when I need to. 50g a of fat is fine in my opinion, even when dieting as long as they are good fats predominantly