Does crime pay?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Doby, May 3, 2014.

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    American gangster.
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    The vast majority of people Ive known into dodgy business come to a bad end sooner or later. Being too flash and getting grassed up, or getting complacent are common causes - but the number 1 has to be just being stupid as fck. Seriously, you wouldnt believe half the reasons for getting busted if I listed them - you'd just think 'no-one would be that thick'....

    There is, however the small minority that are smart about it, and either retire while they're ahead, stay one-step ahead forever, or are part of a family or organisation that are so inter-linked with lora norder that they're basically untouchable.
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    In the UK yes cause the you will probably get a caution or a light jail term or a cushdy nick.

    Here in Asia .....unless I am a 'mule' of epic proportions going back to the UK then no f-in way.

    I could wear one of those fake muscle suits to get thru custom or synthol my biceps and hide 2 kilo Horse in there.

    My bumhole is pretty big too.