Goals for twenty fifteen

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    A lot of this resonates with me.

    I've tried to start early though; not had a smoke in 18 days so saved a few pennies. Last week I started retraining for a profession I should have taken up years ago, and I joined a gym today. I won't go as far as saying '15 will be my year, but it's going to be markedly more productive than this year has proven to be.
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    To keep a high priority on my job and job teaching responsibilities. I'm getting better and honing my skills ,working free OT to help to qualify for the paid OT when it comes.

    Work more and find a weekend job at a language adult school normal working hours and clear debts to good friends and the x ten save for hopefully BBin.

    For my OCD to work for me and get back in my gym routine -meal prep -gym -moderate drugs - follow the plan set out for me and dont deviate/deviant.

    Sty clear of r-ships for now ,I need privacy because of my habits and hobbys and I have no brain power left to dedciate to it + zero libido which I think is prescription/pharmacy drugs rather than hormonal test issues.

    TBH ATM its not hurting having no fanny desire.

    No worries on going out whoring and boozing as i live far far away now and I had freebie chances to go do this over the holiday.

    TO stay off social media ,it does me no good + the time factor.

    Let the X go completely because she can still can still have a chance to be happy.

    To get off or drastically lower my 'other drug intake' .Its not causing a prob at work but its wrecked my training and r-ship.

    Finally -realistically don't look for other highs to push me in never never land and stop craving.

    i know what to do ,I am just not doing it and I am not depressed ,just drained.

    i feel like I have permanent bone deep unpleasant DOMS ,not the ache and drain you like from training ,the lethargy you get from not training an.or drug use and heavy breathing like I am a water logged 90k on tren but I'm not and its sporadic.

    Shite feeling.

    One thing I know unlike the UK I land on my feet here always and year 2015 will end very different than now as things change fast here usually for the better unlike the same-same UK -of course I am talking external factor ,mentally,physically right now I am unsure ,I can't see it getting much better or worse. 
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    Add quit smoking to mine!

    Fuck it, I'm cleaning out all the shitty habits
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    I might give stop smoking a bit of effort. Not a huge smoker anyway but at nearly 10 on a normal work day it's the highest it's ever been.
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    Get career back on track.

    Get daughter back to UK.

    Cohabit with girlfriend.

    Get bike licence back.

    Hit 16st lean.
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    I suppose in a nutshell it's to just be happy, but I guess getting back in decent nick (naturally) is up there, maybe look at having a child, and maybe stop smoking, not for any health reasons, just cost, love smoking.

    Good luck to everyone.

    PS, to those saying 'get engaged', you need to have a girlfriend first, and for a while, you don't just go to the supermarket and pick one up (lmao  :wink: )
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    Harry mate having a kid and stopping smoking just don't go together

    My lot drove me to drink, drugs and insanity lol
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    Well I've managed to get some of these done so its not all bad  :biggrin:
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    yeah how's everyone else getting on?


    Buy a house - likely to succeed, got my eye on one in leafy Cheshire, 4 bed townhouse! It's smart as fuck with a garden over several levels that's just built to host BBQ's... Just fucking about getting the deposit together without arousing suspicion and I'm golden. Off to see it again next week and go over it with my uncle, he's retired surveyor so he can give me a decent estimate of any potential costs if it goes through.

    Go back to Thailand - possibly but prob next year now, might hit India though.

    Attempt monogomy - lol, not so great but getting better.

    Continue to battle off the reccys - fail, limited success but It's been better than usual..

    Hit a first in grades for second year uni - Not even struggled. Should have done medicine.... That would have been a challenge.

    Might do the WBFF show in London, November it is I think and not come last, IF my health is in order - sacked this, it's gay as fuck. Powerlifting is the new goal.

    Bank a fuckload of cash as I eliminate the weekend millionaire shit - done pretty well for myself this year, weekend millionaire shit scaled back significantly as well.

    Better than I thought id do though...... Only half way through too.
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    Access course for Uni starts in Sept

    bow is up for sale lol. 

    abs... not yet - but getting there. 

    my list looks shallow as fook! 

    also didn't include growing up and being a father, however Im supposed to do that. 
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    Good boi rents on ditching the oil and thong for getting strong

    Think my only aim this year was to hit 180 deadlift and I'm nearly there
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    Get healthy...nope

    Stay natty...nope

    Not fuvk my job...just about

    Find a bird...nope

    Been a productive year lol
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    I never made one. :(

    So I'll do one now for the second half.

    1) hit 15 stone lean

    2) get a new job

    3) save a grand

    4)feel good

    5)try to find a career I'm interested in.
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    Well, half way through the year and so far it's



    Half sorted


    Poor effort, must try better.