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Discussion in 'Supplement Discussion' started by Ronnie_Malenko, Oct 22, 2021.

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    Sadly mate it's not as easy as that..

    (Can't tell if your post is serious or not)

    You had any testing done?
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    No mate but aslong as i feel good im happy mate being honest
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    L-glute is closely linked to a healthy functioning immune system.

    I got some Kefir last week. Mrs won't try it, fvck knows why not, just stubborn LOL but I've been having a glug from it and it might have calmed down my AAS associated dodgy guts a bit this week
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    Used it years ago - noticed very little from it so stopped using it.
    Charles Poliquin had some very interesting stuff on Glutamine - worth doing a search and I'm pretty sure he has videos on YouTube about it.
    I started using Glutamine again after hearing him explain the reasons why it's beneficial.

    You just need to be aware that Glutamine spikes insulin - which means it will turn off Autophagy and fat burning, so best to only use around meals.

    The trouble with digestive issues is that it's more about what you eliminate than what you add.
    That's partially why diets like the Carnivore diet have become quite popular - you eliminate everything except beef, water, salt then gradually add things back in one by one.
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