Hcg For Pct

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    Hi will a 5000iu (1 vial) of HCG be enough for my pct? If so at what dose do I use it weekly and for how long? Replys would b grateful
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    HCG is usually used to prep for PCT usually after heavier or longer cycles, it's not a sole PCT med and tends to spark elevated oestrogen levels
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    Most people generally run 500 I.u. hcg twice per week(Mon and thurs) throughout their cycle to keep their testes functioning,before stopping it 3 days before they start their pct.
    For pct they generally run clonid and nolvadex and maybe aromasin depending on the length of their cycle,dosages and compounds used.
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    I tend to use it intermittently through some cycles but there a lot of debate (possible bro science) on whether its a bad idea as you are constntly boosting and suppressing your testicles which I understand, but would the odd boost be better than complete suppression for a long time. Like leaving a car not running for 6 months. Best off taking it for a spin now and again!
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    HCG should only increase oestrogen by virtue of it indirectly causing increased testosterone in males by virtue of its action. It’s part and parcel.

    Which is why you’re using it, to restore your HPTA function.

    I’d get 2-3 vials and do 4-6 shots of 2500iu over 3 weeks and run 20mg Tamoxifen a day for 6 weeks.

    If you’ve only been on ten weeks or so one will do the job, so would just stopping the gear And letting it clear out though so it’s much of a muchness.